Become excited, dear friends. You are almost home. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

My dear friends, we must talk now about something we take quite seriously, ascension.  At this time you are feeling changes happening to your bodies, your lives, and your emotions, which should confirm for you that you are indeed on that path.

These will continue and accelerate.  A great many changes have been promised to you, and we assure you again now that they are all coming.  Not everyone will experience the same things at the same times, but they will all manifest those which are meaningful to themselves.  Not everyone displays the same characteristics and talents now, and that is how it should be.  It will be the same after ascension.  But after ascension, if you should need or desire to learn something new, it will be taught to you easily and joyfully.  The only qualification is that you be desirous of it.  Describing to you what your lives will be like is not possible, but the things we do tell you about are true and serve to motivate your actions.  Most importantly you will find will be your freedom from limitations of any kind.  All of the attributes that you have dreamed of in your current lives will be easily attainable.  Knowing this as fact may eventually change some of your priorities.  For instance, when you no longer need to worry about money, your need to acquire wealth will melt away.  Your need to impress self or others will disappear when you find that you and all others are magnificent creator beings.  Your most frequent thoughts will involve loving service and enjoyment.  Anything necessary to those ends will be yours as sons and daughters of the most high.  We have promised personal changes and technologies to make your lives easy and enjoyable, but most wonderful of all will be your freedom.  That, my wonderful friends, approaches rapidly.  It may not be won smoothly, but have it you will, and soon.  Begin spending a little time each day imagining what you will do when you have no limits.  That little, fun exercise will only help speed along the process.  And if there are steps you can take toward those goals, take them now, no matter how tiny they may be.  Imagine yourself a little bit closer to your goal and that process will be sped up as well.  In fact, some are already beginning to see almost instant manifestations occurring.  You see, you feel you are waiting, waiting, waiting; but in fact, you are moving, moving, moving.  And the effects of the changes are building one upon another.  Do you feel like the same person you were a year, two years ago?  No, of course you do not.  Those changes will seem many, many times greater before this year ends.  Our anticipation for you likely exceeds your own.  We know what awaits you.  Become excited, dear friends.  You are almost home.

One Comment on “Become excited, dear friends. You are almost home. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

  1. Greetings: I am very grateful for this message and wanted to thank you! It brings me a great deal of comfort! Many blessings to us ~ as we go forward into the light of a New Golden Age upon the Earth. I am grateful to see the very “Company of Heaven” is present to assist in Earth’s Ascension as well as our own. Be well! xoxox

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