Lessons From My Dad on the Other Side ~ A TAUK Message by Suzanne Spooner


June 6th, 2016


[Hi Dad!] Hi Suzy. I love you. [I love you too.] I know you miss me in the physical. [I do. I also know it’s only a perception that there is separation. You were one of my favorite people in the physical though.] Thank you sweetie. I thought you would like an update on my adventures on this side.

[Definitely!] I have become a student of love and kindness. For this to happen I needed to go to each life I have had to review them and find traits of love and connection to others.

If you can imagine sitting in front of a movie screen and each pixel is a moment lived, it is like that. I focus on what I want to know and the moments that hi-light that certain knowing come to the forefront. In that time or moment I have clear and total recall of not only each blip in time but to whom I am in connection with and what their experience was like with me. I know all thoughts, feelings and emotions from all perspectives.

Each moment is an opportunity to learn from. I take my knowing and go to my council to discuss the findings. The council gives their insight and suggestions. It is an exceptional time to evaluate all you have known.

In this deeper understanding I can grow and expand as a soul and as a collective. In my collective there are 44 souls. We all learn from each other and support our individual soul growth and the gain of the collective from each experience.

In a human life we tend to focus minutely on our own experiences not understanding that each thought and action creates a ripple effect in the fabric of creation. It is designed like that for a reason. We are both the specimen under a microscope and the one looking through the microscope!

Finding how our thoughts and interactions connect to others (we are aware of) is a heart expanding experience. Believe me when I say, if you only knew how your unkind thoughts of another effected the whole, only thoughts of love would exist. That is why when people go one step further and voice unkind thoughts, their energy and body instantly react with anger. When a person is in a moment of hate or anger and they feel their body tense it is their body falling out of alignment with love. When you laugh in kindness or enjoy watching the breeze move the leaves of the tree your body expands and all energy flows easier. This is a not so subtle hint a body gives. A wise person listens and stays in the flow. 

It has been a loving adventure to get to this place of knowing since my passing in the physical life as your dad. I still carry all the energy markers of Ron. Your thoughts of love and wonder about me are known before you complete the thought. I feel all of my daughter’s and loved one’s thoughts of me and have a tie to all. It’s not the same of being in the physical with you. I miss you all in that way very much. But please know it is an illusion and I can tell you with certainty that we, on a very deep level are always connected. 

Note from Suzanne: You too can receive messages like this. Please visit my website The Art of Universal Knowing to learn more.

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