Compassion and the Gift of the Gut ~ A God and Gabriel Message By Suzanne Spooner of TAUK


June 4, 2016

God & Gabriel

[Hello God & Gabriel.] Hello Suzy. We are here today to give you an understanding on the topic of compassion. The heart is a physical organ. It also is an intuitive organ and is different from other parts of the physical body.

To the intuitive heart, the only job is to express and feel love. This is its intuitive energy. To know about love is the work of the mind. The mind contemplates and imagines love. The intuitive heart feels love in a way the mind cannot know. When the mind imagines love and the intuitive heart feels love then compassion is created.

Compassion is the feeling of love. Fear is only an illusion the mind experiments with to know the scale of love. Universally fear is not known. It is an element of the human experience that allows for hate, prejudice or any negative emotion. It was designed as a tool to experience the wide range of human emotion. Some forget that it is only a tool and become masters of experiencing or creating fear. The balancing mechanism of this tool is compassion.

Humans can become so wrapped up in their illusion that fear becomes the overriding experience. Each person has an innate gift of intuition and can relate to this as a “gut” feeling. It was an aspect of the human experience to help give guidance. All know the experience of something feeling very right or very wrong. That feeling is an instantaneous collaboration between your mind and heart. When you center your thoughts on compassion the illusion of fear is no more.

You are infinite energy. There is no end to life; simply there is a shift of experience. On Earth you are in the  most intense playground of emotion. Learn from it, play with it, observe it and follow your gut. 

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