Interviewing the High Self ~ Some Delicious Tidbits of Divine Knowledge ~ By Suzanne Spooner of TAUK


Hi Everyone,

When I am giving a QHHT session and the client is the deep state of hypnosis we spend a good amount of time speaking with the client’s High Self. That is the part of us that knows everything about us, our soul’s journey. It loves you unconditionally and has a wide perspective on your life. “It” is also part of the collective consciousness so it can tap into all knowledge. Pretty powerful stuff! 

Each client comes to a session with a list of questions they want their High Self to answer. After the questions have been answered I love to interview the High Self. I’m incredibly curious about human consciousness and can always come up with something to ask. I thought I would share with you some segments of sessions and wisdom from the High Self. I hope you enjoy!


How asking and answering their own questions changes a client

(Suz) I’m curious. From your perspective how does being in this deep space of hypnosis change her or anyone who experiences a QHHT session? 

(HS) There is a vibration that is set up when you access these questions and answers. And that is the change. It’s not the knowledge so much as the vibration of asking and answering. There is something about the asking and the answering that changes the perception. It’s like you now entered into an alternate world. A world where what was possible yesterday is differently possible today. You have changed the vibration.

(Suz) Thank you for that.

(HS) You know that this place that you have, this room, in a way is outside of time. It is outside of time and space. It is infinitely big. And has no time because that is the space you create for the client; that is what you do. And because there is no time, anything enters. Anything desired enters and because there is no space, all things are possible. The sun can exist in this room and the Great Self can exist in this room, and that is for you.

(Suz) Thank you. I would imagine all spaces where this work is done it is the same. (HS) Correct. (Suz) We have a lot to thank Dolores for, don’t we? (SC) She created the opening for these spaces and what a great thing. love

(Suz) Who are you? 

(HS) I am that which is. I am above and beyond anything she could fathom. I am all.

On Ringing Ears

(HS) She needs to trust when her hearing comes in to not be afraid. 

(Suz) Tell her more about when her hearing comes in. 

(HS) Not to doubt and to listen. Her ears have been adjusting to lots and lots of noise. Its a fine tuning-in. When the words come, she will know it is not her ego, for it is loud and clear. 

(S)When the ears are being adjusted, does she notice that in any way? 

(HS) Yes. She hears the ringing, zapping, buzzing. 

(S) A lot of people are asking about the ringing in the ears. Is this what is happening to them too?

(HS) Yes. The frequency is raising. Their ears are adjusting. Their bodies are going through change. 

(S) So as the ears are adjusting what will the people start noticing as a whole? 

(HS) Lightness. Lots of lightness in the body. They will notice the essence in the air. Different smells than normal. They will hear different tones to adjust to raise their frequency higher. To accept more light in. It’s all to help with the Earth’s transition. 

(S) And for those who don’t have the ringing in the ear, why is that? 

(HS) They may have a slightly lower frequency. Everyone adjusts in their own time. Also, they may be already past that and adjusted that and have their ability opened but they would know that. 


From one of my own sessions:

The Blueprint for Humanity

“There is a large council that came together. The project is earth. There is a description of the elevation of consciousness and the perception of humans to explore the great shift while being in body and releasing their preconceived understandings of what it is to be a being in human form. It’s a blue print. Not everyone knows of the blueprint, they are all part of the architecture.” 

From a client who practices Transcendental Meditation:

(S) What is left for him to learn for achieving enlightenment? 

(HS) Enough has been learned. Now it is a question of time, practice and discipline. It’s very close for him and everybody. It will be an explosion (of consciousness). Very soon people will be flying and floating.

(S) In their physical bodies?

(HS) Oh yes! Marahrishi has given us the way to do that. He has given us the technique to make the body float. But the collective consciousness is too heavy, it doesn’t allow it; it would be too disruptive. But now the stress in the collective consciousness is lifting up very quickly. And very soon, the lightness from the collective consciousness will allow all to float very quickly without even practicing any techniques. People will float spontaneously. It will be beautiful. It is the intention. It will be enough. When the collective consciousness rises, it will be more powerful.

(S) He will see this in his lifetime?

(HS) Yes!


And lastly one of my all time favorites (they ALL are my favorites, haha). This woman was a month past the time her doctors said she would live by the time she had her session with me. Many, many serious health issues but most dire was her heart. She had had an operation to fix part but the heart could not withstand a second surgery. Here comes the High Self to the rescue! It’s been eight months since this appointment and she is healing and improving and getting stronger. 

Her HS brilliantly moved through her body healing every issue and relating it specifically to this life or a past life with great detail. The super great part was when they were working with her heart her HS said this,

“One of her valves was not repaired properly(descending aorta). We are healing it so it can function at the highest level it can. The other part connected to the heart (ascending aorta), it needs much work. We are repairing this part of the heart. We are wrapping the weak points and this will be even stronger than the surgery she had before. We are putting a special material around the heart. It is from another planet and is woven on special looms and it is a golden and healing material. It is stronger than steel and lighter than air, nothing can penetrate this. If a surgeon were to touch it with his knife and the knife would break! It will not fail in this lifetime! We are looking at the size of the heart. It is enlarged. We have decided that is ok and we will leave it alone. This woman literally has a large heart and has capacity to love many. Her heart is large for that reason; she takes everything to heart. We will leave it large and that will be fine.” 

It also said that her most important job here is coming. She will fully heal herself and then talk to thousands about how she did this! It said she will show all people, medical and otherwise her medical records from before the session and after. It said it will take her one year to fully regain all health but that she would notice many things right away. Mostly it said as she returned to her doctors that they will be perplexed as her fatal conditions shows increasing improvement! 

And here again are a couple YouTube clips of my client’s in their sessions and some amazing information that came through.

Star Language Session: 

Session where the Ego comes to chat: 

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