QHHT + Russian Born Scientist = Mind Blown Part 2 ~ A QHHT Session Segment by Suzanne Spooner

Hi Everyone!

I have taken a long break from blogging but I feel like this new information needs to come through in various ways. I have a fascination with human consciousness and the knowledge we hold but don’t always know how to access. Both my work with my channeling process called TAUK and my work with QHHT allows me to dive in deeply to discover the unlimited connection we have to discover all answers and healing are within each of us.

This summer I had the pleasure to give QHHT sessions to Russian-born scientists. These two women are outstanding in their fields of research. It was fun to share my observations with these two who had different, other and similar perspectives into this deep work of the mind.

As with all QHHT sessions we typically begin the hypnosis in another lifetime or ‘story’ if past lives isn’t a concept the client believes in. That lifetime or story always has ties into the current life in fascinating ways. Sometimes it is showing the client where an issue truly began, or they can see a skill set they need now and can understand they already mastered it in another life. And sometimes the session takes on a life of its own.

That would be the case for these two clients. Eugenia started to see a life in a library which took us to her standing in front of an audience of beings from many universes as she spoke a universal language. She described being a Guardian of the Planets on the Periphery. She said these planets, including earth, had been “kicked off the range” at one point for their low vibration and tendency to have warring societies. And then she began describing her role as the recruiter of the waves of volunteers headed to earth to raise the vibration and guide us into a higher frequency and New Earth! Wow! I wasn’t expecting all of that.

She kindly allowed me to put part of that first session on YouTube.

We decided to continue these sessions to find out more information. In another QHHT session given in November 2018, Eugenia again accesses the Guardian of the Planets on the Periphery giving more knowledge about earth’s fate. We begin in Egypt and the information is quite illuminating as to the function and purpose of the Pyramids of Giza. We hope you enjoy this latest installment.

Lastly, Eugenia and her partner Veronika joined me as guests on Julia Cannon’s Metaphysical Hour radio show. You can meet the incredible people behind these clips here. Unfortunately the BBC producer has misnamed this clip. Eugenia Perez is not a part of this clip.

We will meeting again in early 2019 to continue the conversation.

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3 Comments on “QHHT + Russian Born Scientist = Mind Blown Part 2 ~ A QHHT Session Segment by Suzanne Spooner

  1. Thank you! For the great information in these sessions. We need to work hard and do what we came to do before the energy events. These info is connected with one of the lates sessions of Alba W. Preparing hybrid Children. These children are coming in Proximity 12-15 years to help the planet with higher vibrations.
    This is an important time line that we are leaving right now with so much volunteers and help.
    Love and Light

  2. Hi Suzanne, thank you for sharing this very moving and penetrating message from your QHHT session with Eugenia (I hope my spelling of her name is correct). This is by far the most clear message that I have listened about Ascension and where we are. At the same time I am little confused after listening this message. I receive channeled messages from RON HEAD and his source which also calls COUNCIL also. Reading his channeled messages, I get a sense that earth (GAIA) is already into ascension, well into ascension. The question is, first of all what is the difference between COUNCIL that Ron Head channels and the COUNCIL that EUGENIA channeled ?. Are these same or different COUNCILS? I also would like to understand what is the difference between FEDERATION OF LIGHT and COUNCIL.

    From channeled messages from QHHT sessions that Alba Weinman conducts, we (HUmans) are also well into ascension and that dark forces (reptilians and their patsy’s) are retreating. I did not get the same sense in the channeled message of Eugenia. I heard that COUNCIL does not want either GAIA or US if we will be a source or cause of drainage of light energy from COUNCIL of Light. This is very trouble some, if it is true.

    The message about pyramid was very detailed and informative. I have never read such a revealing message about the pyramids, specially the existence of pyramids in FOURTH DIMENSION. WOW. This is beyond my scientific or logical mind. I never thought of it this way. Thank you for sharing this very important and uplifting information. It is true that these messages uplift the spirits. So thank you again.


    Mohammed M. Farooq


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