Parts 3 & 4 Calibrating to the Increasing Energies of Earth ~ A TAUK Message by Thoth and Suzanne Spooner

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I didn’t have time to blog but as I was heading out the door to my office I asked on Facebook if friends were feeling increased energies. I was feeling it off the charts! It was very interesting to read the many comments coming in. As I was driving I received information about using music to assist us with the wave coming in. So, today I pick up on that suggestion and move on to the next. Stay focused in love and positivity…It’s a simple choice if you see it as such. ❤ 

March 22, 2018


[Hello Thoth] Hello Suzanne. Yesterday we communicated about the frequency of music. Music is a coded frequency that aligns energy. It is used in all dimensions as such. In the days ahead it is recommended to be in the frequency of music that you enjoy. The words are also powerful but it is the pure tones of frequency that assist with the energies. If feeling anxious, seek calming tones. If feeling low in energy seek upbeat songs. If no music is available simply hum. Your body will adjust to the most optimum frequency organically.

Quiet contemplation is also advisable. The energies are allowing faster manifestations into the physical. Be very mindful of your thoughts. The experience of negativity is fading for many. Your decision to focus on positivity will strongly influence your perception. Be welcoming and grateful of latent skills and abilities becoming more noticeable. Take the increasing energies seriously and light-ly.

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