Earth Changes and Revelation ~ A QHHT Session Story By Suzanne Spooner


Hi Everyone,

Last week I gave a QHHT session to a lovely young woman. She is a doctor but taking a leave because she feels there is something bigger she should be doing. Her High Self gave interesting updates to the current Earth changes that I thought would be good to share. Many of us can relate to the understandings and advice her High Self gave and perhaps can shift our belief about depression. 


In the first past life she was with the Buddha on a mountain with other enlightened monks. The Buddha was telling them that they would need to be reborn when the time was right. She was very sad and emotional to leave the Buddha.

Her High Self explained:  She had a contract with the Buddha to come to Earth when needed. She will change many peoples lives. There is a Great Change coming. She is to be a collector of information and to heal herself. She will use all of this together for integration and healing to help others. 

She had been completely enlightened in her lifetime with the Buddha, she did not have to come back and could have remained in the light. She was chosen and she has the capacity to take the suffering from the collective, she takes it on as her own and she has the capacity to heal them. As she heals herself, she heals others (the collective). 

Earth Changes and Feelings of Depression Explained

She asks about the Earth changes and moving into the 5D Earth. She is highly sensitive and every time there is a big shift or frequency change she gets into a depression mode because her body is trying to purge and match to the Earth vibration. This is normal and she should not judge. It truly is not depression. Whenever there is a shift in a body you need time to adjust. You have low energy and the body needs rest. There have been lots and lots of frequency changes, especially this year. She needed time to rest and come up to a higher frequency and it is ok, it is normal and she should not call that a depression. 

What exactly is changing in her body with these frequency changes? A lot of the DNA is restructuring. A lot of karma is being forgiven, extracted. A lot of DNA that is not discovered is being constructed. The different world will come. 

The Different World

What is your understanding of the different world? A lot of people are awakening. Big change is coming. From your perspective what will the big changes be like? Initially big chaos. But after that it will be the Golden Age. Why does the chaos need to happen? Just like our physical bodies, Mother Earth needs purging and healing. Because of that, there will be changes on Earth. Just like going through an illness and recovering; it is the same process. 

What will the chaos look like to the humans on the planet? Fear at first but a lot of awakened ones know it is going to be ok. A lot of awakened ones will know that no matter what happens you are all ok. Only the unawakened ones will fear. They will decide to drop off and go to another 3rd dimension. 

Will the current planet of Earth be the ‘New’ Earth? Yes.

And when will the planet be changing to the 5D? A lot of things will happen next year but some will start in December of this year. What will we notice happening in December of 2016? At first a lot of chaos and darkness. Black, orange, red. But the changes will continue throughout next year. A lot of new construction and new things will start to emerge. By 2025 a lot of new things will be done. What causes the black, orange and red I wonder? Some shift on Earth will be earthquakes, volcanos. 

Earth Changes

From your perspective how is Earth doing with all these changes right now? There is still a lot of struggling. There are dark forces that are afraid to let go. They are holding on but don’t worry. Everyone eventually will move to 5D. The Earth will move and everything is good. 

When Earth moves will it be a gradual or sudden change? It will be sudden at first and then gradual. Immediately after the sudden change what will we notice? A lot of chaos, disbelief and a lot of anger! Why anger? Because you have all been lied to. You have been taken. A lot of your rights…You have been manipulated. How will that be revealed to the people, I wonder? Through the chaos, all truth will come out.  There will be a group of people. There are a lot of groups of people that already know the truth and eventually the mass will know the truth and along with that there will be a lot of new technologies that will be revealed. The new technologies are already here.  

Is there anything she didn’t ask that you wish she would have? All this suffering is an illusion. She should always remember to love and love herself. She should not be the victim, she should be the master. And all the things that life throws at her? It isn’t about what gets thrown at her it’s about how she solves the problem that is important, so have a good time with that! 

It is important to live in the Now Moment; meditation, acupuncture & yoga help to this. 

How should she live the highest version of herself? She should take one day at a time.

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11 Comments on “Earth Changes and Revelation ~ A QHHT Session Story By Suzanne Spooner

  1. I often look at these little light beings busily going around and think they are somehow changing our ‘fabric’ . I wonder if the change could be quite dramatic.

      • You’re very welcome, Suzanne. Wishing you a very blessed Sunday. Namaste – Agnes Khoo Schwenk/Dawn of Divine Rays.

  2. Regarding the anger felt due to being lied too and the chaos, we certainly are witnessing this now. Your client said there are people who already know the truth. My question is this: Most people in their own minds, feel they know the truth, whether it is, in fact, truth or not. I rely on feeling to tell me truth (if it feels bad, it isn’t right). Is there anything more specific to rely on? Who is the group of people referred to by your client? I am very concerned by recent events and trying to make sense of all this madness! Thank you very much.

    • Hi Celeste, I appreciate your thoughts. No further information was given on who this group is. I think we all try and stay centered, work from our heart and be mindful. ❤

    • There are many people all over the world who know the lies that we’ve been told. We are usually referred to as the crazies or conspiracy theorists, and the masses are conditioned through the all pervasive media to ridicule and ignore us when we speak the truth. We are the Cassandras of our age, (for those who know their Greek Mythology). People will be shocked and angry when they find out that everything they ever believed to be true, and have built their lives upon, is false. History, religion, science, medicine, finance, the system of work, and the origins of mankind, that we have been taught, is a lie. The story is very different from what the majority believe, and those who’ve been in control of the world, have done this to ensure their own power and control over the people. This is now coming to an end as more and more people wake up and see the truth. However, there will be some who don’t want to see. they are happy in their wold and pride themselves on their loyalties to various “authorities” eg. ruling families, corporations they’ve worked for, brand loyalties, religious institutions, political systems or parties etc. who will refuse to accept the new information. They would rather die than change their minds,and they will, but don’t worry they will not be harmed, they are simply not ready. They will reincarnate on a planet where they will continue their journey until they’ve reached the stage where they are ready to join us again.
      If you are concerned, try to ride through the chaos by accepting that it’s happening but not engaging emotionally with it. It must happen in order for us to have a better world. Try to focus on the world as you want it to be, take on the new information as you receive it and process it calmly, try not to get angry, it’s better to know than to not know. Get out into your community to try to help those who will be struggling to understand, they will need your help. Tell yourself, “everything is good, it’s as it should be, we are entering a new and wonderful age for humankind”. The power struggles of the old controllers will continue for a short while and can be disturbing and upsetting, Do not engage with them, they are only passing through. I hope this has helped

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