Soul Formulas and a Chat with a Teacher from the Tenth Dimension ~ A QHHT Session segment by Suzanne Spooner


Hi Everyone,

I am very excited to share this QHHT Session Segment about Soul Formulas with you. I had the honor of doing sessions for this client and her husband. The husband was a follower of Dolores Cannon’s work and was very excited for his session. It was most humbling to listen to his current life story. He is a survivor of the killing fields of Cambodia. Even through living through the most horrific of human experiences I was deeply touched by his innate joy and kindness towards life. His session was lovely.

The next day I met his wife, Sochea for her session. She too had a great bubbly joy to her. Unlike her husband, she didn’t know much about QHHT. She was open to experience it and had very little expectations; the perfect recipe for a great session!

In her session she experienced a past life in the early 1900’s as a woman from the southern US. She was on a train heading west from Boston. Her voice shifted from her Cambodian accent to a soft southern drawl.

She then spontaneously moved herself after that life to the spirit side. That is where things became very interesting! She spoke of being in a classroom with many others who wore white lab coats. She explained she was (back) in class to figure out her Soul Formula… HmmmI thought! I had not heard of a soul formula before!

She mentioned her teacher was there. She said she had been in this class in the sixth stage (dimension) a couple of times but still had not figured out her soul formula yet. She and I were trying to understand what exactly a soul formula was. I started to ask Sochea questions to ask her teacher. This went on for a bit before I asked if the teacher could speak directly to me. As a side note, when a third party comes through directly in a QHHT session to share information, it is magical! Another great example of that is found on The Angles Perspective website.

Later in her session when I connected to the client’s High Self, the High Self said apologetically that she “really, really would like to give me Sochea’s soul formula but Tom and God would be so mad at her!” Haha. I told her that I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble, we simply were trying to understand better what a soul formula was. She then gave us an example of a soul formula. I have included that example on this post and on the YouTube clip. Quite interesting isn’t it?

The rest is on this great YouTube clip. I hope you enjoy our conversation with Tom the teacher. I hope to have these two back again sometime to catch up with Tom and to see if she is closer to have figuring out her formula! Have questions for Tom? Let me know what they are and I’ll do my best to ask!

I’ll be joining Julia Cannon this May 31 – June 5th teaching the QHHT Level 1 class in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I hope you’ll join us and start experiencing the magic that is QHHT! Use the discount code GRATEFUL to receive 10% off when signing up. Hope to meet you soon!

I love this work so deeply.

Much Love,


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