The Event Part 6 ~ Suzanne Spooner & Ron Head

Hi Everyone,

(Note from Suzanne, I have no idea how this post disappeared yesterday. How strange. Reposting again.)

I am very excited to share this new installment of my & Ron Head’s series on The Event. This series began in November 2013. Back then I don’t even know if anyone else was referring to “The Event” in those words. Ron and I were already meeting regularly to record QHHT sessions for our website Speaking with Self. To listen to our other Event clips, please click here. Ron and I are aware when the topic of The Event or a Great Wave of Energy picks up stream in the spiritual circles. Neither of us delve very deeply into what others are reporting. For Ron, I know he is always cognizant of not allowing others’ perceptions to color his own. For me, The Event is much more of an individual experience within. I am all for a great flash or wave of light. Bring it on!! But I focus more on keeping myself highly tuned. I believe each of us are The Temple and therefore the wave is found deep inside.

Some are talking about The Event happening globally by the end of the first quarter of 2018. Again, I hope it does. And if it doesn’t I hope we all will keep our focus on this great shift of consciousness we are experiencing. Perhaps the ‘build’up’ of such predictions is a wonderful way to create forward momentum in consciousness.

And then there is that word, ‘soon’. Awww. It’s probably the least liked word. When is soon? A day, a month, a year, or is it the Precession of the Equinoxes – 26,000years? It all depends on your perspective. Perhaps that word ‘soon’ is a great way to help us cool our jets and carry on with the tasks at hand, until ‘soon’ happens. And if everything is in the moment of Now, well then what?? You catch my drift.

With all of that in mind, Ron’s High Self or his Creator Self as he likes to call it, does say some things that do line up with what others are saying. Please, we ask you to use your discretion, as always. We are predicting nothing.

While I had Ron and the Creator Energy in my office, I also delved into the world of  Simulated Reality, a theory by Nick Bostrom. I hope you enjoy that part of the conversation, too!

And Last, here is a short clip I made recently that describes an easy way to strengthen your connection to your internal guidance (High Self). Grab a pen and paper and be prepared to be amazed!

Much Love,

Suzanne & Ron

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4 Comments on “The Event Part 6 ~ Suzanne Spooner & Ron Head

  1. Listened to the session #6 and I want to comment on cause/effect. For the past few weeks synchronicities for me have been accelerating and it feels like my HS has been leading me to teachings I need to know but would not ordinarily be drawn towards incl. other messages about Event “buzz”. (The Cause?) Perhaps our HS’s are helping us to accelerate the energy to bring about the effect of the Shift? If we want this, I think it is our responsibility to create it, right? Let’s allow it!

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