Calibrating to the Increasing Energies of Earth ~ A TAUK message by Thoth & Suzanne Spooner

Hello Everyone,

I am preparing on all levels for a trip to Egypt later this year! Interestingly, when I sat for a TAUK message yesterday the message was from Thoth. Thoth, as you know, is the great Egyptian God.

In my last QHHT session facilitated by the amazing Valerie Camozzi, Thoth showed up as a teacher who was teaching me how to change my form and move (fly!) through a pyramid. Pretty darn cool!

Today when I sat for a message he was back with some practical advice on adjusting to the incoming, increased energies of our planet. This is a personal message; but as I thought on it, I wondered if a few of you might resonate and want to join me on these teachings. If it feels good, come along for the ride! I’ll do my best to keep these messages coming through the week; forgive me in advance if I miss a day.



Monday, March 19, 2018


[Hello Thoth.] Hello Suzanne. Today let’s talk about readying yourself for the incoming energies. I suggest you begin by using oil on your third eye. It will increase your frequency. (Which oil?). Frankincense. (How often?) Daily. Express the intention of enlightenment while holding the bottle. Drink water with the word LOVE written on the container. Be in a place of peace in your mind. Tomorrow we will continue. 

From Suzanne:

Much to do with intention and the power of labeling water with thoughts/words. Nothing to lose, everything to gain! Oh! And I have a great recommendation to give for another lovely energy healer. She was my client and I have had one reading with her which was utterly fab! I’m scheduled for more. I highly recommend Carolyn at Purple Rain Healing.

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5 Comments on “Calibrating to the Increasing Energies of Earth ~ A TAUK message by Thoth & Suzanne Spooner

      • Read the Emerald Tablets of Thoth…he talks about going down underneath the pyramids to lie down under the Flower of Life to become restored…in the Halls of Amenti…some of the Flower of Life energies are part of the influx of energies here now.

        One other thing is that over the last couple- three months I have been helping the pyramids to awaken….they have become a big part of my healing work…their energy has also become a source of healing. Akhenaten has also awaken inside of myself now as we are moving into an advanced stage of growth and awareness…
        Something I have been

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