“The Event” Part 5 ~ The Main Event ~ A QHHT Session with Suzanne Spooner & Ron Head


Hi Everyone,

As mentioned in the previous post, Ron Head and I have continued our Speaking with Self QHHT recordings and The Event series of YouTube clips. Below is the fifth in The Event series. Ron recently moved back to Des Moines, Iowa where I live which allows us to continue these sessions in person, as all QHHT sessions should be done. 

As in all sessions I love to watch how the client’s (friend’s) demeanor shifts from their conscious-awake state into this place of all knowing that we work with in QHHT. Ron and I usually have lunch prior to a session and catch up. The conversation is light and friendly. But when he goes into this deep state of hypnosis he easily slides into this now familiar voice of  Creator, God, his High Self or as he likes to say in that state, I Am that I Am. He’s never at a loss for words and insightful information flows. As a QHHT practitioner and total geek to the process created by my mentor and friend, the late Dolores Cannon, it is such a joy to do these sessions once again. We will pick back up on more session recordings as time allows and I’ll post those here and on our website Speaking with Self as we do them. Our other Event YouTube clips are found on this website or by searching “Speaking with Self” on this blog.

The topics of this clip; an update to The Event are:

A Wave of Light ~ He describes this literal wave of light early in the conversation. He goes into more detail coincidentally (not) at 22:22 into the recording.

Planting a Seed of Change ~ How each of us are shifting consciousness.

How, in the future, it will take an act of will to remain in the dark!

Again, in the session the Creator mentions psychic, medium and award winning author, Paul Selig. He refers to him as Mr. Selig. This reference to Paul was made before in one of our clips and we received many inquiries as to whom this was. Paul is amazing and talented and his website is HERE.  (Note from Suzanne) Ron and I actually made two recordings in this session; the second one was me asking questions about a future project. It was actually in this second recording that Paul is mentioned. I don’t see us making the second recording public as it isn’t global in nature. I’ll leave the part about Paul here though because if you feel inclined to look him up, we think you’ll be happy you did. I apologize for the confusion.

Ron provides QHHT sessions along with channeled readings and his website is HERE. My websites are below. My QHHT website is HERE. To learn more about QHHT, the great Dolores Cannon and how you can become a practitioner or to find a practitioner visit her website HERE.

We hope you enjoy & share this recording with like minded others who are bringing the light! ~ With Gratitude, Suzanne & Ron


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4 Comments on ““The Event” Part 5 ~ The Main Event ~ A QHHT Session with Suzanne Spooner & Ron Head

  1. Timely message. Aligns with my experience of the shift/event/Ascension, as well as that of others with whom I am connected. For some who are ‘waiting’ on an event to occur, it really may help to understand that any state of awareness (maybe better understood as our point of focus within the fabric of spacetime) that holds the concept of ‘waiting’ prevents us from recognizing what is ‘now.’ This is because awareness behaves as a filter/refractor of light and a ‘waiting’ awareness will always project its focus forward in “spacetime.” Not right or wrong, but for those in the midst of this event, we are learning that our focus is shifting from external events to internal states as it is precisely these states that create matter/do matter. It has become easier to ignore external events, actually, because we are integrating the understanding that our ‘awareness’ flickering faster, in a manner of speaking, and as such is losing some its its ‘lag time’ properties resulting from the veil we needed for our now defunct 3D, learning through lifetimes, experience. So for those I am connected with, the quality of our experience of time, which is the result of the gap in our awareness between who we really are and the distortions present in our beliefs/thoughts/fears/etc, is undergoing many anomalous changes. The clock may still move at the pace of 24 hrs/day, but the events of our lives are no longer slaves to it as it is becoming apparent that simply being fully present “now” is enough to experience in physical reality, whatever is resonant with the part of the self one is choosing to place awareness on. In this state, expectations give way to spontaneous experiences of whatever is present in the moment that resonates to the internal vibration of what one prefers to experience. This is the fastest way from point A to B because A then equals B such that A, in that now moment BECOMES B – hence, no time. This is all predicated by the individual’s full acceptance of themselves as all of their experience without judgement or differentiation – known as the big clearing.

    Nonetheless, there are a multitude of experiences occurring in our collective ranging from the most blissful to the most tragic – all the result of the increased frequency of consciousness filtered through the heightened awareness of the individual who is choosing to see their experience as light or shadow. It is all the result of the ongoing event and how we as creator beings are creating our personal experiences. Certain critical mass points are built into these experiences it seems, which we like to think of as “the” event, but I’m finding that there are many such ever expanding ‘aha’ points on the personal level already.

    Hope this blesses those on the journey who resonate with this message. There is truly “no waiting” on isle “Now!” 😊

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