TAUK Messages


Hi Everyone, As mentioned in the previous post, Ron Head and I have continued our Speaking with Self QHHT recordings and The Event series of YouTube clips. Below is the fifth in The Event series. Ron recently moved back to Des Moines, Iowa where I live which allows us to continue these sessions in person, as all QHHT sessions should be done. 

 Hi Everyone, I am very excited to announce that I am hosting the gifted and wonderful psychic, medium intuitive Paul Selig again in Des Moines, Iowa February 6-7, 2016; registration information is below. He will be speaking at Plymouth Church in Des Moines to The Common Thread group on Thursday, February 4 from 7-9pm. The public is welcome to Common Thread & it is a free event.  Paul will be giving a… Read More

Hi Everyone,   I’ve been MIA on my blog for awhile! I’ve been traveling a lot! I’ve been on a TAUK & QHHT tour in San Francisco, Ashland, OR, New York City and assisting Dolores Cannon in Arkansas and squeezed in a great vacation. I’ve been gone more than home since January. But I am planted in Iowa for the next 8 weeks or so and I have time to share some… Read More