A Recipe for Daily Shift Upgrades ~ A God Message Channeled by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

universal love


August 26, 2014

[Hi God.] I would like to begin with a clearing. [Thank you. (A big, several minute clearing with my pendulum occurred followed by a small download)] Being grounded and centered right now is challenging for many. You and others can have feelings of discombobulation. This is because of the intense energies coming into planet and then into the physical bodies on the planet.

Give me a moment to explain how you can use these energies to your benefit. In other times of lower energy input it was easier for humans to go about their day to day lives. As the energy expands and attracts to your planet you will notice a shift in your emotions and experiences. It is like sitting next to a stream one minute and then sitting next to a dam that has been opened wide the next. One minute you are observing, peaceful and reflective and the next you are white water rafting down a waterfall. In the moments of the white water rafting, your first inclination is hanging on for survival. You can feel very ungrounded because you are. That is by design. We have to knock you around a bit to allow for your being to be shifted, upgraded and recharged to the higher energies. It can give you a very unsettling feeling, for example like the earthquake that recently was felt in California.

Now, if I could give you a recipe for enjoying the attunement of the higher energies that are your new reality on earth it would be like this:

(Before you open your eyes in the morning but are aware you are waking up.)

*Start your morning with thanks for the rest your body has received in its sleep time.

*Give gratitude for your mind, body and intuition working together cohesively in the day ahead of you.

*Focus on the feelings you wish to experience today. That’s right. Focus not on the events of your day but on the feelings you wish to bring to those events. Feel peace, love, joy, accomplishment, gratitude, resolution, resolve, freedom, you get the picture.

*As your day begins and family, friends, co-workers and strangers come into your path, look at each one with love, wonder and joy. This is a silent language that is very effective in calming all involved and radiates more distance than you can imagine around you.

*If you start to feel wonky or unsteady in your thoughts, focus on your heart as you breath. Imagine air flowing in and out of your heart; pulling the unsteadiness in and charging it as you release it out. Doing this just 3 times will change your outlook. As you breath out, bring back the feelings you want to experience. Repeat as needed.

*When you are in your car, restroom or home, take a short moment to look at your self deeply and intensely in a mirror. Send love and compassion to your reflection. Tell yourself how happy you are to be witnessing and experiencing the great shift. Feel like the VIP that got the backstage pass to the coolest concert ever! That is how We view you!

*End your day with gratitude for all you have learned, all the other people you have assisted and for Being here Now. You are loved, supported and never alone.


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