6/17/2011 TAUK God Message to All

My Dearest Souls,

I am here to share news of great joy. My angels of light, you all are. An announcement is imminent on disclosure.  Soon you will be given great understanding on divine connection to universal neighbors. Love is the basis for this announcement and peace is the offering they bring. Open your hearts in a way that will assist your human family with this knowledge. Eliminate any fear, for none is needed, your protection is assured. No longer will you live in stress or pain. A new way of life is very close. Imagine with your finely tuned hearts, your heaven on Earth. Now is the time and only your love is requested. On the God given purpose of love for all creatures great & small, to billions of planets in millions of galaxies, to the essence of our truth, know this; you are imagined with the same love as All. You are perfection as are All. You are delight in human form. You are Me, I am you, they are us.

Live Love Dear Souls.

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