Justin’s Most Excellent Adventure ~ A QHHT Session Segment by Suzanne Spooner

Hi Suzanne- it’s Justin. I’ve been thinking about you and my session for a while now and I just wanted to give you an update: My wife and I did divorce, I closed my practice, packed a backpack (and a suitcase lol) and I’m off to Thailand!! No plans on returning. I’m just gonna wake up everyday and follow my joy to wherever that may lead. Flying out as I write this. Funny how life works out. Thank you so much for helping me listen to who I really am!! Great Adventures await!! I’ll keep you posted. 

Hi Everyone,

It is always lovely to hear back from my QHHT client’s and how their sessions helped change their life. About a week ago I woke up to the email above with the subject line; I’m off to Thailand!!! 🙂

Justin’s session had occurred about 9 months earlier. I quickly looked up his session notes to refresh my memory. As I read my notes it all started to come back. I recalled him as very thoughtful about his life. He was in the midst of a divorce but spoke so kindly of his wife and what they had learned together. He felt he wasn’t on track and had lost the joy in life. He is a healer, a chiropractor, and he had some issues in his body that needed attention.

His Past Life

He was a young man in the early 1900’s. He was in love with a beautiful girl. As they enjoyed a special day together by the water she accidentally slipped, hit her head and died. He was devastated and carried her body down the road to her parent’s home. The parents were beside themselves and as he turns to leave the father shoots him in the back and kills him. We learned lessons and purpose of that life was to love and be happy. His High Self said it picked that life to show him happiness. It said, ” Everything is just thought anyway. He can change his course at anytime. It is easy.”

He then spent some time on the spirit side in a meeting or classroom setting with others. He described the others as white and yellow with no features. They seemed to all be writing something. He said it felt like they were all in trouble. 😬

His High Self

Once we had clear connection to his amazing High Self it began scanning his body for healing and understanding of his physical issues. Those included: tension in the neck, irritation of the stomach, discomfort in the back, anxiety and an old ski injury in the knee. As can happen in sessions, his High Self was direct in a loving way. It said, “Justin needs to get his sh*t together! His purpose in this life was to experience pure joy and this life was suppose to be “THE” trip.” After this last life on Earth his soul will return to the collective.

Justin has very kindly allowed me to share his session with you. The YouTube clip begins after the past life and as his High Self (or Source as Justin prefers to call it) begins.The issues he had are relatable to many. I hope you can find understanding about your own life through his sharing and how infinite and amazing we all are. He’s a wonderful example of what big changes can occur when you listen to your internal guidance. It’s easy as his High Self said! On another note, his voice has a very high frequency to it. I think as you listen, you may possibly raise yours to match. Be mindful of healing and epiphanies after listening. All things are possible!

I hope you enjoy Justin’s Excellent Adventure through his consciousness. ❤

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