Join Suzanne Spooner In London this July 2018 for QHHT

Hi Everyone,

This July I will be in London on a little QHHT tour! Guiding a client to find their own answers and healing is amazing and I’ll be giving sessions and teaching a QHHT Level 1 Companion class while there. 

If you have ever thought about having a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session, I would be honored to spend the day with you and help you connect with the part of you that knows everything! I will be giving one QHHT session daily July 16-19, 2018. If you would like to have a session with me, send me an email via my website and we will discuss details. Visit my QHHT website to explore how a QHHT session becomes the very best day of your life!

If you have thought about learning QHHT you can join me for three heart and mind expansive days with like minded friends July 20-22. The QHHT Level 1 Companion class is designed to compliment the Online Level 1 experience. You will need to complete the Level 1 Online or Live before attending the Level 1 Companion class. Save 10% on either Level 1 class by using the discount code GRATEFUL at time of signing up. To learn more about the classes ant to sign up or register visit QHHT Official. The Level 1 Companion class is also great for practitioner’s who want to refreshen their skills to be just as Dolores Cannon did her own amazing sessions. 

I also have a QHHT Level 1 Companion class coming up February 16-18, 2018 in Des Moines, Iowa! You still have time to complete the Online QHHT class to join me. 🙂 Also, a reminder that you can download for free anytime my Universal Mind Project meditation. ❤ 

I hope to Consciousness Surf with you soon!

Much Love,


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If you would like to learn QHHT Level 1 online or live and receive a 10% discount simply enter the discount code GRATEFUL (case sensitive) when you sign up for the class. Learn more here:

2 Comments on “Join Suzanne Spooner In London this July 2018 for QHHT

  1. Hi Suzanne, this is Kay Phillips in Quincy IL. I see you will be in London this summer .. I have a dear friend who lives in London and she is so interested in this process . I know you won’t have many slots open for sessions so Iam writing early to inquire! Can you tell me if you have a spot free for a session and the cost? Hope you are well. In still doing QHHT and I love it! Kay

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