The Hall of Knowledge ~ A God and Gabriel Message Channeled by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK



God & Gabriel

[Hello God & Gabriel.] Good Morning Suzy. We would like to talk today about the sovereign right of all humans. Given that all humans are expressions of the Divine in physical form, there is the inherent right to have access to all knowledge that serves you.

For millennia it has served the human condition to experience the full scale of duality. This has given all who chose to incarnate on earth the range of the lowest lows, the highest highs and every emotion in between. This is a gift beyond comprehension but can be sometimes seen as trial and tribulation, an unsteady path on one’s life journey and random and unexplained “coincidences”.

Free Will can also be seen as a gift and as a challenge. In your journey of lives and experiences you have accumulated untold knowledge about the human condition. Over this millennia, to keep you focused on whatever task at hand was currently before you, you had the inability to fully remember your past lives, lessons and knowledge. But what you have always had no matter what was your intuition.

This intuition has always been your guiding light to Home, to your knowing, to your Creator and guides. You have been told over and over that only “special” people have this Divine connection. This is false; but also was part of the intended journey of finding your self again. Your True Self.

What will be understood, in very short order, is that ALL have access to this knowledge. Help yourselves by imagining you have a permanent reservation in the Hall of Knowledge.  More understanding will be presented very soon. 

*Note from Suzanne: I am currently working on a process to assist any who wish to access their full and complete knowing. I believe this is what is being referenced here. Without a doubt my process is only one of many that is being brought through at these very important times on the planet. When I have full understanding of this process I will be announcing it here. 

Much Love to ALL,

Suz 🙂

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