From the Tea Party to Quantum Physics ~ A Journey of Awakening ~ A QHHT Session Given By Suzanne Spooner

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Hi Everyone,

This QHHT client of mine, Pat, has given his kind permission to share parts of his session with you. He’s had a fascinating journey in his awakening and it was an honor to facilitate  his session with him. This part of the conversation happened well into his session ~he was deeply hypnotized~ when I was asking his High Self or Subconscious questions from a list he had made prior to the appointment.I think he describes his journey of awakening best:


“As for where I was before awakening, yes I was a Tea Party type Fox News viewer.  I loved to drink Kool Aid! 🙂

Today I spend time on Quantum Physics, study on how to better meditate and some research on how the powers at be have suppressed our ability to be more spiritual and awake.  We are waking up and the powers at be are losing control and are beginning to panic. I have very strong feelings and visions our current paradigm will not exist past 2016. What a time to be alive on earth.” ~ Pat



He wants to know why did he “wake up”?

It was time! (giggles) He’s experienced enough, it was time! He can be very useful, helping.

He first noticed his awakening as vibrations (he felt) that would come to him while he drifted off to sleep. Can you please tell him very clearly what he was experiencing there? 

He was experiencing his true self. That ~ compact energy ~ can be stretched out for light years and still be connected. So, he feels that energy radiating out from the body. He needs to understand  that his energy doesn’t need to go just a little past his body. It can go forever and then come right back. Think of it as an ….. a musical instrument that you push together that bends and contracts, the old instruments, you use to call them.. an accordion! THAT’S what a body of energy is like; an accordion. It’s very dense and then it can stretch and go out forever. 

He asks why don’t others wake up? 

Because it’s too much for some. And you have done a good job of compressing people from the truth by controlling them. 

Was that suppose to happen on this planet? 

It’s inevitable when egos come in. 

Are we about done with ego? 

It’s a hard thing to get rid of. But there is no need for it. All energy is love. Love doesn’t need to trump other love. 

Does the process we are using today, QHHT, help bring you the High Self (Subconscious) closer to him? 

Yes! You’ve found a great secret of how to help people discover, how to help you humans to discover all that is below the surface and there is more!

It feels like we are just scratching the surface! I’m always wondering what is even deeper below the surface we could get to? 

You are! Below the surface there is love beyond any imagination. Just an incredible love. You can feel happiness all the way to the bones. It’s as if every cell in your body is smiling. You can feel it penetrate the energy that makes up the body.

Wouldn’t that make the mind happy and the body healthy?

Absolutely! It also gives a better understanding of who I am but not what I am.

And why not what you are?

Because then people’s minds form opinions. It’s your opinions that get in the way. You can only focus on one thing and once you get your opinion you forget about all the rest, all the other possibilities. Understanding who I am not worrying about what I am.

The Two Earths:

What is his purpose?

He moves beyond this earth. (What do you mean by that?) There are two earths. The new earth will pull away. And those that are aware will move to that new earth. There are those who wonder if they are awake and aware, will they leave others behind? They need not worry about those things. Be calm. Don’t worry about what is going to be. Have love, trust & faith that you are going to be a positive part of it. So for Pat, it is to keep on that beautiful love journey to help those understand and don’t worry. People need to understand that unbelievable love that most humans experience is only as a tiny portion. So, experience but don’t put things in a box. Get rid of your boxes. 

Is this the preverbal walking  between two worlds? 

Oh yes. You do know you can do this, don’t you? It’s up to you which world you choose to live in. People get some enlightenment and knowledge but then they don’t trust it and they don’t experience it or let others experience it. And so they sit idle or go backwards. 

So how can we move between worlds and be conscious and aware of it and most importantly how do we serve our greater good and humanity by doing so? 

That’s a very good question. For those that live in the darker, ego world, they exist; some with love but they don’t believe. And we certainly have ones that are dark. But this one here keeps his feet planted. He has love and compassion but not whole love and compassion. As he opens up his heart and gives up his beliefs and opens his mind, helps others, sends that energy out and brings more in, he and the ones that do this will move and move others with them. It’s a process. It doesn’t happen over night, it’s a journey. I can’t put a time frame on it because you humans just mess that up! (giggles) So, it’s just a journey. I won’t even play with time, what you call time. Oh ok. I will tell you a little. In your mind the more love you pour out, the faster the journey. You will feel time going faster. You will feel time accelerating faster, you will feel it! You will feel things be quicker in space. This is the journey to the new earth!

About the bible:

Are there truths and untruths in the bible? 

There are both.

Why did the message get so convoluted? 

To confuse the story. Man had his hands in it way too much over time. You know they don’t want you to know the truth. They want you to give your power away. If everybody understood what they should understand; that the power of love that I explained earlier, it would be overwhelming. 

Christ and all the great teachers came to teach humility. Humility. Can you think of anything more humble than washing a thief’s foot? 

No I cannot. The new pope is doing this.

That is a forgery. That is a ruling class that is designed to keep the truth from you. Some almost have mental illnesses in that hierarchy. They very much feel they are in control. 

What do you see from your perspective?

You don’t need anyone to tell you what to do.

He wants to know how to progress with his enlightenment? 

He needs to meditate more. He has to get within himself and blow that surface sitting on top of his consciousness out of the way. Everything that has ever happened lies within each and every one of you. 

We carry that in our DNA? 

It’s all there. 

Are the strands of DNA being changed in the human species right now? 

Yes, you are doing that through energy. 

Why is that happening?

So you can move to the new earth. 

And how does that happen?

Energy is charging particles at different levels now. It’s going to be changing some of the energy patterns between the strands. It’s going to raise awareness. it’s going to allow you to raise awareness. As you know this awareness is growing, you can fell it.

Simple Love:

You humans feel simple love all the time. I would say that on average your species feels more love towards animals than you do towards each other. I think many of you feel more connection to a pet than you do even to a spouse. 

Why do you think that is?

I think it’s because animals are so forgiving. So that’s a good lesson for you humans. Be more forgiving. Be like the pups. 

Woah, that was deep.

I come up with a good one every once in awhile! Lol!



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  1. fascinating…………..would really like to do this sometime………….

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