Changes and Perspective ~ A God Message by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK


January 20, 2017

[Hi God.] Hi Suzy. First, let me begin with this understanding. Today in your country a change in power is occurring. This is seen as good by some, bad by others and many others hold their collective breath trying to imagine change for the better of all. I have another point of view to share.

A new beginning is here. This is the change that collectively was created by humanity during this great shift of consciousness.

This doesn’t mean that all will be happy with the new president’s choices; on the contrary many will not be happy. That also doesn’t mean that the new president won’t do many wonderful things for the people. He is guided as are all to bring about change in the highest and best ways. The happiness or unhappiness will help wake up those who may normally prefer to remain in the status quo. The shift had to have this outcome to shake people up, to create new ideas, to move forward.

What I would like to purpose is to look at this event without the labels of good VS bad. See this from a higher perspective of all players assisting in great change. There is only one team and one side.

Each human effected by this change in power (or others who have different changes in their locale) is making great personal strides in their individual soul growth. This cannot be underscored enough.

Those who feel sickened or activated to protest need exactly that experience to fulfill their soul’s requirement. Those who feel elated and relieved are in the exact same boat. The divide that can be felt is of the conscious minds letting go of the experience of fear. This is necessary and a way to activate more strands of DNA within the physical and energetic bodies of those on Earth. One cannot bring the depths of duality that have been experienced on Earth for the last thousands of years into the higher vibration of the New Earth.

Each and every human being is shedding negativity in the way that suits them the best. There is no judgement on how one perceives to do this.

My kindest suggestion is to find peace within yourself first. The magnitude of power this creates for the whole cannot be underscored enough. Truly no one will feel stable for awhile. Those now expressing joy will feel as if the rug has been taken out from under them at times. Those who feel scared or angry will see great reason for happiness at times.

Again, keep your perspective in a place of observation outside of you and peace within. All is well.

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3 Comments on “Changes and Perspective ~ A God Message by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

  1. Thank you. This is extremely uplifting at this day of leadership change. My husband and I are aware that this period of time is for the highest good for all, and clearing away the last pieces of fear is appreciated-and it will be interesting to watch!

  2. Doesn’t make you sick when everything is no longer black and white? Very strange times we live in we are right in the centre of crossing point. Ha! Ha!

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