The Feather Tree. (My first TAUK experience). By, AuroRa Le. April 6, 2012.


The Feather Tree. (My first TAUK experience). By, AuroRa Le. April 6, 2012.



 We all have those days, no matter how open our inter- dimensional telephone lines are.  Days when we feel alone and disconnected.  It’s as if there’s too much static on the line, or we’re trying to have a conversation but there are too many people talking to you all at once.  This past Holiday season was just such a time for me – and, yes,  for my Team, too!  Via some Facebook friends, I learned of a new tool called TAUK (The Art of Universal Knowing).  I felt powerfully guided to try it out, and I knew instinctively that this would be the very thing I’d been looking for to help me clarify the occasional fuzzy transmissions and blocks.  So, two days before we were scheduled to leave for Connecticut to celebrate Christmas, I got it all set up and received my very first message!

 The first visitor to my board was Lady Master Venus – not at all who I was expecting!  She wasted not a moment in telling me that I’d been spending far too much time indoors (re: my two week cookie-baking spree) and I needed to go outside immediately. She said that if I did I would get a “shocking surprise”.  Obediently, I went off to the beach to meditate on the jetty.  As I sat on the rocks, I began to lose myself in conversation with Uriel.  On and on I went, lamenting – boo hoo – how nobody is more family to me than he is, Christmas is about family, I wish he could spend Christmas with us and so and so forth…   Like I said; we all have those stellar moments!  He assured me that he is “really” here all the time, and if I would just open myself up and stop second-guessing myself, I would notice him right in front of my eyes.  Really…

 I got up to leave, and scanned the beach.  I noticed a tall man carrying a longboard approaching the choppy and unwelcoming winter water.  The beach was otherwise deserted at that early hour, so I spotted him right away, and he just stood there staring at me.  He had dark hair and a sun tattooed on his shoulder.  I watched him wade out into the surf, and I only looked away for a moment and he was gone!  I thought to myself, “No way”,  even though suns have been  a kind of symbol for us, the entire time I’ve been here.  I said, “If that was you, please show me a white feather. Then, I’ll believe it.”  Of course, this is the beach.  It’s full of seagulls.  There were white feathers everywhere.   Early the next morning, I dashed out to the store for some last minute things for our trip.  I turned on the radio, and U2′s “Beautiful Day” was playing on all 6 of the preset stations.  This is another long-standing trick of Uriel’s to get my attention.  I was in a huge hurry, so I said ” If this is important, show me a white feather”. And there it was.  A white feather, lying right in the next parking space.  Yes, I know.  The Target parking lot is full of birds, too…

 So, we arrived in Connecticut the next morning, and a group of us decided to go downtown for lunch and some shopping.  As I was getting ready, I felt a strong pressure on my third eye, and when I closed them I could see my rose-quartz TAUK pendulum swinging back and forth.  Claircognizantly, I got the message ” I’m here with you for Christmas.  This is my family, too!”  I said again, “Okay, let’s play the feather game.  If you really are going to stay for all the Christmas fun, then let me find a white feather downtown.  Then, after lunch, the most amazing thing happened.  As we were walking, I was powerfully guided to check out a cute gift shop across the street.  I opened the door, crossed the threshold and there it was… An enormous Christmas tree made entirely of white feathers!!!

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