From God & Prilon ~How to Live Easier through the Shifts ~ Channeled by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

April 7, 2012

God & Prilon

[Hello God & Prilon.] Hello Suzy. To begin, We would like to say the shift with planet Earth is progressing very well. Now Earth has the ability  to call out to her sisters and brothers of this universe and others. This has only recently been made available to her as a way to speed ascension.

Certain thresholds of awareness were needed for her to welcome in this assistance. May We say that We are very happy and very pleased with the progress of Earth and her inhabitants.

Given the possible timelines of ascension or continuing with third dimensional reality, much work was completed and all is on track to continue to your ascension. This is now occurring at a rapid rate.

Time is shifting and this is felt by many as a speeding up and morphing of experiences. 

To live easier through these shifts, try to not hold tight to your schedules. Fluidity is key. Practice quiet contemplation often. It is at these quiet times your etheric bodies are connecting to your physical body. This eases the heart and releases the ego like a snake shedding his skin. Going to your heart center often will assist you as time speeds up. Quiet reflection is your hearts’ charging center. Letting go of outcomes is another way of shedding the thin-skin of ego. In your lack of controlling what happens in your relationships, you will open up doors of opportunity and light. Releasing fear will lighten your body so that it can perform in its intended Divine way. Picturing a smooth and joy-filled shift will ensure this experience. 

Open your hearts Dear Ones. Believe in your power and your glory.

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3 Comments on “From God & Prilon ~How to Live Easier through the Shifts ~ Channeled by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

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  3. thank you for this beautiful message ..i feel the speed of change and that makes me happy …greetings in light and love …els

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