A Visit and Interview with an Alien Named Theo ~ A QHHT Session, Part 2


Let me set this scene; Susan Thomas is hypnotized, I am facilitating this QHHT session and Candace Craw-Goldman was observing and (thankfully) submitting questions. We were ready to wrap up this session, I was pretty tired after a long day and thinking how I was going to count Susan out, what else I needed to do that evening. I heard Susan’s SC say something about seeing ‘the lights’ and this is where we pick up…. 🙂 


(S) Are people waking up faster now? (SC) Oh yes! It is magnificent to see. We can see all of the lights… It is magnificent. And this is being picked up right now. We are being watched RIGHT NOW, from a star ship! It has a lens on us right now. (S) On.. (SC) In this room. (S) In this room??? (SC) Yes. (S) Well, what is the purpose of that? (SC) They seem to just, to zero in on us right now. On the bottom of the ship, it has circles around it. It has blue and green circles around it that are lit up. When it opened up, that is where the lens came out. It is um, at times they seem to be just a few feet above us. They are very close. (S) Oh my gosh, so ok. Let me offer this opportunity… (SC) They are on you now (looking on you)! (S) OH! OK! (SC) They are giving you the speaker now. (S) Well…..I am going to hand the speaker phone back over to you..and if they would like to speak through you, this would be most welcome. (I felt like I was playing hot potato here!!)


Conversation with a Star Ship

(Star Ship) Hello. We are so delighted, we are so honored that you are speaking with us right now. We have been observing you, both of you. And we are so happy that you saw us, that you felt us. We thought that the green & blue lights would get your attention. And we are so grateful that they did. We are here to help you. We share your love for the planet. We share your love for each being that is here and we are so excited of the doors that may open, that we may show ourselves. Are there any questions you would like to ask?

(At this point I am just dumbfounded! I turn my laptop to look at Candace to see if she has heard all this. We exchange faces with our mouths & eyes wide open. She starts typing in questions to me..)


The Interview

(S) Where are you from? (SS) We are from far away, a place called Plinta. (S) Are you physical beings? (SS) We can be if need be. But right now, we are observers. But when the time comes, if we need to be, we can put on our ‘body suit’. Other times we have metal suits that we put on, when we come this close. When we come down this close to you. (S) And why is that? (SS) To protect ourselves from the density that you are in right now. It protects us from the density. May we add a welcome to QHHT for what they are doing and accomplishing. The people are able to relate to themselves. To their subconscious selves. That is so marvelous to see. It makes your lights even brighter. And it sometimes makes us blind, we have a hard time looking at you. (giggles) (S) So why are you here tonight and how did you find out about us? (SS) We felt the energy and it was a color of such that we knew that we would follow it. And we did. We knew that the time was right. We knew the time of your meeting. We knew that you had talked to your subconscious self before this meeting and they also helped.



(S) Ok. And you that is who is speaking through Susan, is there a name that we could call you or that you go by? (SS) I will give you a name that you can understand and pronounce, Theo. (S) Theo? I’m so sorry, can you please tell me where you come from again? (Theo) Plinta. (S) And where is that located in the galaxies? (T) We are years away from you, years away to a place that you know nothing of. (S) And have you been here long? (T) We come in & out but we have probably been here the longest than any other galaxy because this is where all the change is occurring. This is the galaxy where the lights are glowing so bright! This is one to see! If you were to pick a vacation spot (in the galaxies) this is the one to see; to come to. (S) On your ship, what are the jobs and the purposes of your ship? (T) We observe what goes on in the galaxy. If there is any calling, we go there. Just like if someone were to call an ambulance on your Earth, that is where we go, where ever we are called to. (S) And how many beings, like you, are here approximately? (T) On my ship right now, there are three of us. But we are a scouting ship that can go back to the mother ship where there is a whole….comparable to your planet. (S) A ship as big as our planet??? (T) Yes, it is huge. (S) And where is that right now? Is it close to Earth? (T) It is very far away. We are coming on the scouting ship, we go where they send us when we are called. We were  traveling until we heard about your Summit of the Subconscious Selves, and then we came. (Let me explain. As Susan and I invited Candace to participate in our session, Susan and I joked around about now having a ‘summit of the SC’s’~ Candace, Susan and me. We laughed about that and then let it go.) (S) OH! You mean with Susan, Suzanne & Candace? (T) Yes. (S) Well, we are happy that you took our invitation, thank you! (We hadn’t realized our invitation reached that far! Lol.) (T) You are welcome.


The Moon

(S) We are curious, do you have a base on the Earth’s moon? Or do you know of others on the moon? (T) We do not have a base on the moon, no. But we can land on the moon. (S) Are you aware of any others there? (T) Yes. There are others of there. The pockets that you see on the moon, if you were to observe the moon with the eye, we can land on the pocket and go down to meet the others that are in the moon. (S) In or On the moon? (T) In the moon. (S) In the moon… So is there any activity on the dark side of the moon? (T) Oh yes. There is another civilization on the dark side. We sometimes observe them, when we’re going around. But they do not have a calling like you have. (S) What do you mean? (T) They have not called us. (S) So…..are there people on Earth who are aware of that civilization on the dark side? (T) Yes there are. They are aware of so many things.  Many are afraid to speak up, many that know. (S) Are there any Earth humans on the moon? Any secret space programs? (T) Yes, there are. They just showed me an opening. It’s like a dome shape, same color as the moon,  and they are able to open a shield on top of that to enter into. And that is where they live inside. (S) And are multiple countries represented there, or is it one or two? (T) We have not been inside that many places. The ones (the humans) that we know of are different looking now. They are dark, They are dark looking. And what you have as a mouth… They are different looking, they are different looking now. (S) The Earth humans? (T) The Earth humans in the moon are different looking now. (S) How long have they been there? (T) A long time. They still stand but their mouth and eyes are so different. Their eyes are bright & light. Light comes out of them. (S) So what has changed them that way from how we appear on Earth? What has changed their physical structure? (T) They have changed but we are not allowed to know what that change is, what they have done. They seem happy,  they seem to have purpose and function. But that is all we know. (S) Do the moon humans ever come to Earth? (T) No. They have not asked to come. They seem to be very happy and they have not asked to come. (S) Does Earth send anyone over to them, in the current time? (T) It is very advanced. There is very advanced knowledge on your Earth that you are not aware of. And they are able to transpond people over there. (S) So they are much more advanced than we are here? (T) Oh yes. (S) How can we communicate with them? (T) There are people on your Earth that can communicate because they are truly advanced, also. There is a contingent here on Earth that is able to relay information back & forth. (S) So then the moon humans know about us. (T) Oh yes. (S) And they know about the shift we are going through? (T) They don’t seem to be too concerned but yes, they do know about it.


More Clarification

(S) So tell us again about the signal that went out for this summit. What was that like? (T) There was a beacon  a beacon of light, almost florescent green. But it was moving and it had pink in it & it was moving from your subconscious’ hearts, it went up. That is the best way I an describe it. (S) Then how did you recognize it? (T) When we were in the light, we were informed where it was coming from & the beautiful energy it was emitting. We knew we wanted to be a part of that.

(S) Tell us about where you come from. Tell us what that is like. (T) We come from a very beautiful place. It is beautiful to us. It is different  colored but magenta is a color that we share. And we take different shapes. we are swirley. We are from the swirls.  We become one with the swirls. It is…. It is hard to describe. Your Earth is so solid and ours is so light, it floats. We are so light & colorful. (S) Could souls or beings from your planet incarnate into ours and take on a physical body? (T) We can but we haven’t done it at this time. We are waiting for the door to open and then we will.


(S) So from where you are at, is that like being in a different dimension than ours? Is that a difference between the two of us? (T) We are a different vibration, a different frequency.( long pause) It is hard to describe, when you are looking for something so concrete. We are like a puff of air. And if you wish to lable us as a different dimension you can, if it helps. But we are all one. (S) Does your group work with different types, different beings from other planets? (T) Yes, we work with all, wherever we are called.


(S) And are you aware of other beings right now around planet Earth? (T) Yes. There are lots of visitors that you have watching you so carefully, so interestingly, so happily. It is a great body of friends that are watching you right now. (S) Theo, can we call upon you for information, for physical healing or help with our lives here? (T) Yes, when you ask, ask your subconscious to get in contact with us. Have them send out the florescent pink light from your hearts. Ask them and we will be there to answer your questions, whatever you need. (S) And you said there is more than one on your scout ship? (T) yes. (S) How many? (T) There are three. (S) Could you give us names for the other two? (There is a long pause as Theo seemed to be carrying on a humorous conversation with the other two.) (T) The driver, so to speak, he does not wish to share his ame at this time. (giggles) (S) Ok! 🙂 (T) And the other one…. we are trying to come up with a name that is easy for you to understand and to say. (Now everyone is laughing!) …Oh my no. (Apparently Theo was not liking the name given) Ok. If you wish to have a name it would be ‘Glinta’. (S) Say that again? (T) Glinta.


A Gender Mind Bender, How to Bring them Through Again & Alien Procreation

(S) Would you say that you are of male & female bodies or androgynous? (T) We’re all three. (S) YOU’RE ALL THREE? That’s what we are missing here on Earth! (giggles) Hey! I think this could be the solver of all marriage problems! 🙂  So how is your life there? Do you have families, communities? (T) On our space ship, yes. It is one HUGE community. And we try to put things on there as need be. Sometimes we will change our scenery to ‘Earth’ to make it seem to us what you are experiencing. And sometimes we will change  it to something else, depending on what we are experiencing on our ship.


Our lights are blinking. Ok, they are calling us back… (S) Oh shoot! Ok. But we can, is Susan the vehicle we can bring you through or is Candace or I able to bring you through? (T) Any of the three. (S) Any of the three of us? Could any QHHT practitioners bring you through? (T) If they are open to it, we would be open! (S) Ok, Theo. Well this has been a wonderful meet & greet!


(I am reading a question that Candace is typing to me which gets me laughing!) Ok, Candace has a question…She would like to know how you guys procreate! (T) That is funny! Ok, I was going to ask the driver… but it isn’t his thing to talk right now.. We can incubate. We like to do that the best because we can watch it grow and we can infuse it with love. It is in a see-through incubator. (S) Ok, well we are going to have some questions ready the next time that we speak with you. Are you staying by Earth? Do you need to be by Earth to have the communication with us? (T) No, just send the signal up. (S) As we are preparing for the session, just send the signal out? (T) Yes. (S) Well, I don’t think any of us were aware that this would happen tonight. We had a feeling that something was going to come through but… With great love and appreciation for making your appearance and using this beautiful vessel of Susan. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (T) We are ‘swirling’ out!


Needless to say, all three of us were just in awe of what had transpired. Even the next day I felt completely ungrounded, wondering did ‘that’ really happen? Susan, Candace and I were texting and hadn’t listened to the recording yet. We couldn’t recall if our alien friend called himself Thod, Theo or Thor! 🙂 I asked Susan to email me what it ‘felt’ like to have this experience. Here is what she wrote: 

Good Morning!

This is what I remember of our interaction with Thod.  At first there was a ring of blue and green lights above my head then it opened and a long looking camera came out and was pointing at each of us as we spoke.  When I figured out it was a camera and there was someone looking at us my body started to vibrate from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. Thod was very excited to be recognized and that seemed to be his invitation to communicate.  Something was also holding on to my ring finger and middle finger of my right hand, in a very comforting way. At the end of our visit white flashing lights started to appear, Thod said he had to go, that was apparently his signal. I had the sense that they were being called on another mission.  At that time I could feel the vibration slipping out of my body.

Next time we will have a list of questions ready! If any QHHT practitioners have the appropriate opportunity to explore this contact, we would be grateful to hear from you! Life is amazing and so much bigger than can be imagined!

With Great Love,

Suzanne, Susan & Candace


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  4. Theo: “If you were to pick a vacation spot (in the galaxies) this is the one to see; to come to.”

    !!! This get’s better all the time! People here on Earth struggle just to go to the shore for some weekend R&R, and these folks are traversing the universe for the same!!!

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  7. Do they have animals on their Huge ship?
    If so, what are they like. Do they allow their animals to live with them as family members?

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