An Egyptian Master Teacher and Shape Shifting Teacher of Ascension ~ A QHHT Session Segment by Suzanne Spooner

Hi Everyone,

I am very excited to share this QHHT session YouTube clip with you! This session was amazing on many levels. The client and I are sharing with you the past life portion of her session plus a light/star language demonstration and translation her High Self shared. Oh! And about that…

As a teen she had fallen at night in a state park off of a thirty foot cliff. She miraculously landed fairly unharmed, in the crook of a tree! She said she lost time and was found by a hiker who happened to go out at night to star gaze. After her fall she was able to speak/sing and write in a star language but could not translate it.

During the beginning of our time together, as she told me this story, I asked if she could demonstrate the language. She began speaking in the loveliest of other worldly tongues and showed me a full notebook of language and codes she had written. The problem was she didn’t know what to do with them or translate them.

In her session she was told that she would soon be able to translate her various languages. And also importantly she would give future clients messages and codes plus teach people to access their own star language! Anyone want to sign up with me?? ūüôā

She is ultra amazing.

So as her session clip begins she is learning that she is in Egypt, a master teacher that has a male human body and an animal head that looks somewhat horse like (possibly similar to Set/Seth?). He teaches about astrology and reading the stars to know future events. He gives a demonstration of a star/light language.

He then shape shifts to the life of a monk-like man that teaches without the distraction of politics he left behind in Egypt. Here he teaches balancing of the world. His students are both earth and star based.

Towards the end of the recording I ask her High Self about her fall off the cliff. The answer is, shall we say, suspenseful! She then begins to demonstrate more languages and translates them too.  We both hope you enjoy listening to her out-of-this-world session!


You can follow this amazing woman on her new YouTube channel. Her email is:

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