An Update to The Egyptian Master Teacher Post ~ By Suzanne Spooner

Hi Everyone,

Many of you have asked for more information on my client I posted about in, “The Egyptian Master Teacher & Shape Shifting Teacher of Ascension”.   As amazing as that clip was the ‘rest of the story’ was even better. Her QHHT session gave her a rocket booster physically, emotionally and spiritually. Apparently this gal had to get on her path as soon as her session ended! 🙂 We are talking big, big shifts in her life. I think similar to the chaotically changing world, those who are here to assist are having to step up their game quickly. 

My client, Trish, is a nurse and had been on the periphery of her metaphysical gifts prior to her session. Soon afterwards though she felt compelled to come out in a more public way by creating her first YouTube channel and documenting her experiences. That takes untold courage and she is and will be a way shower to many. You can check out here YouTube channel HERE.

And here is her update since her session, including some of her beautiful light language.

And here is the clip I created from her session:

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