Message From The Masters on Love and Hate ~ By Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

August 19, 2017

The Masters

[Hello.] Hello Suzanne. We are a Council of Love. We wish to share this message. All of the planets and universes of the cosmos wish to extend love and light to your planet.

The unfolding of your reality is firmly underway and can be seen as chaos, instability and madness. This must happen to allow the birthing of the New Earth.

Love is surrounding you, your fellow earth family and the planet. The light is in charge and will prevail as this change completes. Letting hate in will only lower your vibration.

We felt you sending love to those that are causing harm to others. We heard you wonder if it would help. It does on many levels. It builds your energy and vibration. It transmutes fear and uneasiness through the fields of the current earth plane.

Each human is a beacon transmitting feeling, vibration and energy. Love transcends hate and is the great antibody.

The vastness of love coming into your planet is unparalleled. You are not alone and are more supported than you can imagine. All can spread their love simply by looking others in the eye and smiling.

Please, as the energy shifts most dramatically, find kindness and compassion for All; especially those who hate.

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