How Dolores “Happened” to Me ~ A Tribute to Dolores Cannon by Suzanne Spooner

TC 2014

As many of you have heard by now Dolores Cannon; author, publisher, speaker and teacher of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) has passed from this physical life.

As a QHHT practitioner almost every client I have has a “How Dolores Happened to Me” story to share. I always love to listen as the synchronicity of each journey is unique and special.

I thought I would share with you my personal “How Dolores Happened to Me” story. 

Back in 2011 I happened across a YouTube interview of Dolores. She was sitting in what looked like her living room talking about ET’s. I listened awhile and noted how she reminded me of my late Grandma Nettie. I was interested but not drawn to her, yet.  Awhile later I saw another interview this time given by Lilou Mace. Dolores was talking about her vision of the New Earth. Now she had me! I quickly ordered The Convoluted Universe, Book 4 and waited for it to arrive. Once I had it in hand and I began to read the first page my whole body was tingling. I knew enough to pay attention and that there must be something for me to learn from her.

Like so many, I wanted a QHHT session with her! I looked at Dolores’ website  called her office and was placed on a several year waiting list. Meanwhile I decided to take her Level One class to learn how to give QHHT sessions. I was drawn to her work, because like my TAUK, her process showed people how all answers are within. To me, this is so much more powerful than having people come to me for answers.

Finally at a class of about 100, in walked Dolores and her daughter Julia. Her energy was a force to be reckoned with and at the same time she was the most humble person I had ever met. I was with that group for five magical days. That room was like a cocoon of pure energy and everyone buzzed. I watched as Julia supported her mother and taught along side her. I also met a sweet lady named Candace Craw-Goldman who had begun a professional forum for QHHT practitioners around the globe. I had read several of Dolores’ books by then and was excited to know I could join a forum where people just like me shared stories just as jaw dropping as the chapters in Dolores’ books! Sign me up!

I went home to practiced and low and behold this QHHT process really, really worked! I think the first month or so I needed a bandage on my chin for all the times it had hit the floor as I facilitated sessions. My clients had lives in ancient Egypt, WWII, other planets, visits to the halls of knowledge and healing. And like Dolores had taught us, the client’s Subconscious (High Self) would come through and answer the list of questions they had brought to their session. Healing occurred. Troubling childhoods were explained, deep and expansive answers were given to the client BY the client! They would open their eyes at the end of the session with such a look of awe and an “I GET IT!” expression. And I had a front row seat to all this magnificence, thanks to Dolores and Julia.

I became an active member of Dolores Cannon’s Support Forum and posted and commented often. I absorbed what other practitioner’s were experiencing in their own sessions. Candace asked me to do a YouTube interview and kindly bestowed an honor of being a Hilighted Dedicated Practitoner. My fascination of this process grew and so did my friendship with Candace. I took the advanced Level Two class. I became a Moderator for The Forum. Soon, I joined Candace, Julia and Dolores and their team at classes given in the US and assisted in any way they asked. I joined Candace and a hand-full of other practitioners for a thorough training by Dolores and Julia to become Recommended Dedicated Practitioners; staying very pure to her process and then receiving referrals from Dolores’ office.

This allowed me the honor of becoming not only a supporter of Dolores’ life work but a friend. And as in all friendships an awareness of being together before, in other times and places was felt. These weren’t new friendships but re-connections. And with Dolores passing it has been such a mishmash of emotion.

I miss my teacher, mentor and my friend. My heart hurts for Julia and the other family members that hold such a dear place in my heart. I feel sorry to not have another walk with Dolores, a lunch where she would let me pick her steel-vault brain on subjects like Suddi from her book Jesus and the Essenes. I’ll miss watching new students “see” Dolores come into a class room for the first time with that, “Woah! There she is!” look just like I had. I especially loved watching my husband get to know her and smiling as they teased each other and sparred over meatloaf recipes.

So that is how Dolores wove her amazing energy into my life. A wonderful re-connection of souls here to usher in amazing times in our own ways. To me, she will always be a giant who trained an army of light workers and awakened multitudes. I have spent the last day imagining her journey Home, her welcoming party, her well deserved rest and have giggled at the thought of my teacher asking questions of her fellow enlightened beings….always researching!

She is still and always with us, now guiding us. And if I know my Forum family well, they will soon be posting session stories where Dolores pops in to say hello and give us updates during their sessions. I so look forward to the capable hands and heart of Julia carrying on her mother’s work as well as her own. We all are so blessed!


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Dolores Cannon’s website: Dolores developed the process of QHHT.

5 Comments on “How Dolores “Happened” to Me ~ A Tribute to Dolores Cannon by Suzanne Spooner

    • Suzanne, your words and praises will touch many hearts as did your friend Dolores. I felt the sincerity and love, as another of the old school goes home, a job well done 🙂 the apprentices take on the mantle of truth and love to the next level. Bless Dolores for her matter of fact approach. Love and Light………

  1. That’s a wonderful tribute, Suzanne! Thank you very much for sharing this and your other work.

    Dolores and her books played a HUGE part in my awakening process. While she will certainly be missed here in the “physical”, she’s now able to help us along from the “other side”. 🙂 I recall reading somewhere in her books the statement from a client’s Higher Self that Earth’s ascension would occur in Dolores’ lifetime, so I’m quite encouraged that we’re literally on the verge of some incredibly positive change!

    Thank you, Dolores. My only regret is that I never had the opportunity to meet you “here”. You are a priceless treasure, your work will continue to inspire others, and we appreciate everything you’ve done and continue to do for us on the next stage of your journey!


  2. I LOVE the thought of Dolores pops up in our sessions and giving us the updates. Keep in touch, Dolores! Thank you, Susan, for this post.

    Love and Gratitude,

  3. Thank you Suzanne for such a great Tribute to Dolores. You broght tears on my eyes.
    I never met her but I watched all her videos and always was connected with her knowledge and light that she brouth to us. For more than three years I have being followed her with the intention to have one of QHHT hypnosis sessions.

    Something curious happend during that time, that through Dolores web-site I stared reading Tauk messages and following you as well Ron.

    Love and light always. One day I wil try the Hypnosis Therapy.

    Luz Nelly K

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