A Chat with God on A Global Update, Karma and and the Ending of Suffering on Earth; A TAUK message by Suzanne Spooner



[Hi God.] Hi Suzy, how are you? [I am quite happy. I’m feeling like I haven’t been sitting enough for messages lately though.] Might I say you need not worry how often you TAUK? [I thought you might say something like that. 🙂 You are doing great work with QHHT and you and I sit together each time you talk with your client’s High Self. [Ok. Understood. Thank you.] 


Let’s talk about global developments. [I am all ears!] The recent shift of the cosmos has opened each soul on Earth. [ Like an automatic update of a program on my computer?] Yes, just like that. Not all know that the update was performed. Some were very aware. In the experience you know, the increase of energy has resulted in fewer QHHT clients going back to past lives. [YES! Susan and I have both noticed this!] This is because karma is complete for many souls. This occurred with the energy shift. [Then why did it occur for many but not all?] Because it is beneficial for their journey to clean up their karma. Let’s put it this way; many souls in human form entered their Earth experience with this understanding. It was divinely decreed that their journey was to usher in the New Age. Others knew that it would benefit their soul growth to enter the Earth during this accelerated time of growth to take an expedited course on karma balancing. These are the souls who ‘appear’ to have a life of struggle.  They simply are in the experience of multiple karma projects. All is love and all is perfect. 


[In some of my QHHT sessions, clients’ SC or High Selves have mentioned discussions in Your realm of closing the Earth school. That is,  it was being discussed that souls can learn their lessons with out the suffering so experienced on Earth. Do you wish to comment?] I do. The Earth school is a grand experiment of free will. As you know, free will has duality. In this aspect, humans have imagined both extremes well. I’m not saying that suffering is good; just that it is part of the duality experiment. To limit the suffering a soul will experience will allow them to learn their lessons without the focus of suffering overshadowing their lessons. It’s like balancing a tipsy apple cart. SO, to answer your question, the suffering side of duality is closed! Now, you won’t see an instant end of starvation, blood shed and genocide. But what you and others are noticing is a slowing down of the need for souls to be in the experience of suffering. Many , many contracts have been re-written to allow for this shift. It is decreed. It is blessed.  I might suggest you keep your heart and eyes open to the increase of human goodness and deeds done to support the human experience in a much grander manner. This is the dawning of a new day. [Thank you God!] Peace out, Suzy 🙂

Note from Suzanne: Here is the link to the post where the subject of closing the Earth school was first mentioned to me during a QHHT session: https://tauksuzanne.com/2012/12/11/a-cosmic-news-flash-the-realm-of-love-and-light-only-two-qhht-sessions-by-suzanne-spooner-november-11th-2012/


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8 Comments on “A Chat with God on A Global Update, Karma and and the Ending of Suffering on Earth; A TAUK message by Suzanne Spooner

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  2. Thank you Suzanne! It is good to know eventually all suffering will come to an end. And thanks for your all your other messages too. Lots of love, Zeynep

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  4. How about the coming solar flare, and global tsunamis? They will couse lots of suffering wouldnt they?

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