TAUK Messages


  [Hi God.] Hi Suzy, how are you? [I am quite happy. I’m feeling like I haven’t been sitting enough for messages lately though.] Might I say you need not worry how often you TAUK? [I thought you might say something like that. 🙂 You are doing great work with QHHT and you and I sit together each time you talk with your client’s High Self. [Ok. Understood. Thank you.]    Let’s… Read More

April 26, 2012 Prilon [Good Morning Prilon.] Good morning Suzy. Let’s begin with an update on the God understanding of Oneness. The human experience has been one of duality. Many lifetimes have created similar experiences of the use of free will and the lessons of duality. This has been the grand experiment of the cosmos. 

  March 11, 2012 Prilon [Hello Prilon.] Hello Suzy, I am here to give this message. To the beings of light that read this message, high imagination and love are now in place on planet Earth so that waves of energy streams can permeate and activate your chakras.