TAUK Messages


Thursday, December 20th, 2012 God [Hi God!] Hi Suzy, I hope you post this. [I would be happy to.] Man is walking through his destiny right now. He is on the edge of his being the Master of greatness he was designed to be. For on this special night, there is celebration in the cosmos. 

  November 27, 2012 God & Gabriel [Hello God & Gabriel. How are you this fine day?] We are splendid! May we address the subject of the December 21st alignment? [By all means, please do!] 

April 26, 2012 Prilon [Good Morning Prilon.] Good morning Suzy. Let’s begin with an update on the God understanding of Oneness. The human experience has been one of duality. Many lifetimes have created similar experiences of the use of free will and the lessons of duality. This has been the grand experiment of the cosmos.