The Dalai Lama Pops in for a Chat ~ A QHHT Session given by Patti Intoranat ~ Part 2/3

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P: Being the buddhist monk, the highest, the most prestigious as Dalai Lama, what is your take, description, explanation on the word “GOD”? “God is the purest. If you think in term of a light , it is the brightest light you’ve ever seen. It is the purest light you’ve ever seen. It is all the encompassing light you’ve ever seen. It is the most protecting light you’ve ever seen. The most loving light, nonjudgmental, because there are no impurities, to interfere, it can achieve anything it wants to achieve. It is not as some of the religions portray it. It is not a vengeful energy waiting for you to make mistakes, so they can catch you and send you to hell or purgatory, will punish you and that one of the things that God [to use in your terms] is so upset about. That these symbols of me are used away to manipulate and control people to judge people, to kill people instead of just being a place that does nothing but showers one with love. These are all self serving religions on earth.”

P: What is the main teaching of Tibetan teaching? “LOVE!” Only LOVE is real, isn’t it? “Yes, because if you love, nothing wrong happens, no pain happens. There is no selfishness. There is no greed. Love and we are all one, we are all connected. Every molecule of everything is connected and if people would realize that, this world would change over night. But it is not to be. It is not to be, because this is a teaching planet. So in order for people to learn their lessons, all of these other elements have to be in play or else nobody could learn.”

P: So, what I understand is that only love is real, everything else is an illusion because we are in this university of earth to learn the lessons. Can you describe the word,”illusion”? “This is a teaching planet. What people see and experience are real within their realm of reality; and in their realm of reality are their own realities, their own trials, their own triumphs and even thou the planet as a whole, is a planet where lessons are to be learned, experiences are to be gleamed. That doesn’t stop (pause) say an individual is there to (pause) like you come here to connect with spiritualness, help people heal and to ascend to a higher level. It is within your realm, your universe, your reality bubble. Will say, all of that can go on and you can do this healing and help people to ascend higher, because there is absolutely every lesson conceivable to man, going on at this time on the planet and the people that will be coming to you are on the path for ascension. They need your help, for final clearing in order to ascend. That takes nothing away from the wars that are going on, the crimes that are going on. They all have to be here also because they have to be at different places, at different times,… so the churches are serving the purpose for the people…(pause) let’s see how I can explain this… There is a planet that we all will get to. The planet of pure love and everyone knows we are all connected. We are one, but in order to get there we have to go through this learning planet and this not the only learning planet in this universe. There are many, of different levels of difficulties, but they can ascend faster here and so they choose to come to experience that terrible trials and tribulations here, so when they accomplished them, they can ascend faster to become one with God in a… hmm (pause) let’s see how I can explain to you. They too will become pure love.”
P: All it takes is to become pure love, isn’t it? “Yes!” Love thyself? “Yes!” Why is its so difficult? I come across a lot of people in my life that have a lack of that. can you please give me that wisdom? “Remember we came into this planet and we forgot all. And we have to do that because if we came in with memories, it will not be a pure test or pure lesson. And because of the difficulties that most people, the majority of people on this planet experience in their childhood, they are being filled with knowledge but it’s the kind of knowledge that continually give them a self doubt. They don’t know about loving themselves. When they are young, it is more about trying to figure out what this world is about. Why are people doing the things that they are doing? Why am I seeing hardships? Why am I experiencing hardships? No one is ever talking about self love. That doesn’t come into a person’s mind, until they have gone through many trials, have learned through those, and they are plagued by the constant struggles. Then they can be open to self love and as it is being talked about and demonstrated. Then there is an awakening in their mind of that’s where they are coming from. So once they make that connection, then it is easier to start doing the work, Just start changing from the (pause) will say from the inappropriate habits, the lessons from growing up as a way of surviving. It doesn’t fit in with their scheme now of experiencing love ,wanting to give love, treating others as they want themselves to be treated. That is a harmony. It is a very interesting dance… if everybody starts treating others as they want to be treated then the dance will become more pure and more loving and ascension occurs because now they are open to the love of God. Does that answer your question?”

P: Yes, very much so. Thank you very much. Hmm.. I try to help many people as you said, “dance with love”. I was once love deprived and now I have been through everything you’ve mentioned for many years. Now I have so much love within me and that is over flowing to others and everywhere I go, all I want is just to give love, but there are many who reject. Is there a reason for some people to reject that? They doubt if it is real? “One, they are not ready for it. It is not time. And two, they’ve been hurt by love so many times. There is the expression, “gun shy?” Well, they are love shy, but as they get older and they experienced more love, that didn’t turn on them and just the maturity that when people come down here, their human mind has to reach the level of maturity before they can understand and start comprehending things. Just like you said, you experienced the loveless time in your life, well now when someone comes and talk to you about that, you have an understanding that someone who didn’t experience the loveless life cannot understand and by that way,they trust you and you can connect with them. So in order to be as effective a healer as you are now, you had to experienced all of the discomfort, so that you could truly connect and identify with them on a level, to garner the trust that needs to come and do the procedure with you that they need and allow the healing to occur.”

P: That is my goal. How am I doing with it? ” You are doing great!” Thank you and Dalai Lama, you are big about the word, “compassion”, can you please help the world understand compassion? “It all goes back to God’s golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When you have compassion, you don’t want to hurt them. You want to help them. Let’s see how do I explain this to you…(long pause) The greatest compassion is having the whole world care about the whole world and in 100 years that world is in existence. So, I would ask you for patience, because you are going to experience that world. Just know that compassion. I care for you as much as you care for me and when we all have that; when we all only treat each other the way we want to be treated and then we all will be displaying compassion, but that is not what this planet is about. It is what some people in this planet are about and that keeps the balance between the people that are doing evil, harm and are concerned about greed.” “People like you, people like Cathy (the surrogate subject), many people, thousands of people and it is growing. It is keeping the balance of the world for what seems to be a whole lot of awfulness right now, but it isn’t, there is a balance, but the …(pause) you have a saying, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Well,it’s the people that are voicing the loudest now that we are aware of, corruption, greed, crimes, pollutions, but there is this undercurrent, very very strong undercurrent, of the silent healers, compassionate ones, the ones who are living their lives with love. They are there and they are not out numbered and within a hundred years, the balance is going to shift and you will see the planet of compassion which as I’m thinking about it is going to be interesting. There is going to be a parallel planet. The one with ascension is going into the fifth dimension realm and this one, the lesson planet, will stay here for the lessons. So those two planets will be parallel to each other.”

P: This is so beautiful. Thank you so much. “You are welcome.” And what I understand right now, the parallel world, one is the fifth dimension and the other in the third dimension that it is the choice, isn’t it? That people choose to be? “Yes!” So, now let me think… why would someone want to stay in a place that has a lot of dramas instead of choosing to go to the beautiful, peaceful, love, harmony planet? “There are either teachers or they are paying off karmic debts.”

P: Okay, speaking of karmic debt, what I understand is that there will no longer be a wheel of karma, if one choose to jump off by practicing love, compassion and the most important part is forgiveness. Can you explain that please how forgiveness is? “Forgiveness is the ultimate gift that one can give someone. Because when you give the gift of forgiveness, ultimate forgiveness, you are giving ultimate love. People coming in to pay karma have already given you the gift of love. Let me give you an example. When an individual is coming down, choosing to experience abuse, the person that has agreed to come down and administer the abuse, has given them such an act of love because by coming down being an administer of abuse, there is a karmic debt that they have to take on because of what they are doing. So, by them being willing to take on the karmic debt as an abuser, they’ve given you such a gift of love. By being willing to take on that debt, because what that means is that when they come and pay off the karmic debt, they themselves have to be abused. And experience that pain, that self hatred, that denigration.”

P: So, if I already forgave them all, would that stop them from carrying more debt, would that eliminate karmic debt? “No, they have to pay off the karmic debt and they understand they are taking that on when they give the individual the gift of love. It is such a lovely act, to come down and do something awful to another person because remember they are coming from the place of pure love and so for them to say,… ‘I will do this horrible thing to you and I will take on this debt’; it is an unbelievable act of love and giving, that they are giving to the individual.”

P: How do they get rid of karmic debts then? “Just by experiencing what they gave, the debt has been paid. So a rapist becomes raped. They experience all of the emotions that the individual received from their experiences and by them understanding THAT, their love becomes greater. All love grows as we understand more and more, the emotional tolls of things take on people Because without that we don’t care about people so that is the more… (pause) that is why God sent us down here to experience different emotions, different lives, as he is learning through different experiences, he/she, as it’s being experienced, all of these emotions, all these lives, a greater understanding and a feeling of love is coming about and is making the creator of all that is, become larger and larger and larger. Because of all the love that keeps coming back to the creator (in whispering voice) and coming back, coming back.”

P: So what we all need to do is just be the love and give the love. That would help with the awakening, wouldn’t it? “Yes, but that is easier said than done because we are all humans.”

P: That what people said, “Patti you make it so simple. “It is simple, but in that simplicity there is a complexity they don’t understand.”

P: And how do you get them to understand at the simplest way though? “You can’t do that for them. All you can do is manifest your love. It goes to them. That is something, that is the knowledge they had to acquire on their own, in their own pace, as we all did. Someone could have said to you in your loveless years. “Oh, Patti just love, just open yourself up to love”, but until you experienced the love, you can’t know what it is. And now when all the people are coming to you and you radiate love, now they are experiencing love, so they have some idea of what you are talking about, but it is not an automatic thing that you stick on them like white on rice. But you demonstrate it, what it was and they will come to that. But again it takes time, it takes (pause) Let’s see how to say this. As people are going thru their lessons, it’s like a step ladder, they get to step up a rung. When a little child decide not to hit somebody, they have stepped up the step. It is just lesson after lesson after lesson after lesson after lesson, lesson, lesson, lesson and as you get higher at that ladder, then and with it, comes the understanding of the experiences that you get to compare and contrast. Well, I like the way I feel better when I did that than when I do this. I’m going to choose to do that more. Then they are opening themselves to the love… then they are sharing the love. It is an experiential thing, but have to get to a certain lesson. So it may be their first lesson and they are opening up, is their first introduction to you. We don’t know that. The important thing is they come to you… and they experience you… and you have no idea what kind of affect or none affect that has, only they do. And like the lady you were sharing with Cathy. She experienced you through what you did with her daughter and now she wants to go and get training in this. That is a HUGE (loud and firm voice) impact on someone’s life, to be able to make that leap and decide this is what I now want to do. Now I have direction. And she wouldn’t have had that, if her daughter hadn’t had her difficulty, which so stressed her mother, …that got the mother to come to you. So it is all part of the plan. All part of the plan.

P: Oh, I see. It is how we multiply, right? It is how we help with the ascension process. “It is a beginning and like you said, it is a process and it is like a (pause) hmmm, let’s see, let me get to the analogy. Did you see the movie Avatar? Yes. And the huge tree of life and the roots that just went out everywhere? Yes. That what is happening now. The ascension is occurring and the roots are starting to grow. Dolores Cannon is the big root. You are an off shoot of that root. Cathy is going to be an off shoot of that root. Someone from Cathy is going to be an off shoot. It’s just growing and growing and growing and growing. Remember there will always be the two planets, the parallel planets. The one will be for ascending people and the other planet that people come to for lessons. I’m not sure yet,… what just came into my head,,,, I’m not sure yet that the fifth dimension planet is (pause) that is going to be the end of it.”

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