The Dalai Lama Pops in for a Chat ~ A QHHT Session given by Patti Intoranat ~ Part 1/3

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Hello Everyone! Another friend and fellow practitioner has allowed me to share her amazing QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) session with you! I adore this session! This session was performed a little differently than most. The subject that was being hypnotized was acting as a surrogate for another client who could not be there. NOW, to bend your mind a little bit more, as the session progressed and the practitioner, Patti Intoranat, asked questions & it became apparent that the energy of His Holiness the Dalai Lama was coming through. Patti is such a lovely light, a beautiful Thai woman. She thought fast on her feet and continued this remarkable conversation. I have had the honor of meeting HH and hearing him speak twice. As I read her session, I could feel the pure, lovely energy of the Dalai Lama. I hope you read this and enjoy it as much as I do! ~ Not to mention the implications of carrying on a conversation like this with the wonderful (wonder-filled) process of QHHT. (Unfortunately, this format is not allowing me to keep the paragraphs and breaks in the post, hard on the eyes, I know! I’ve broken this up into 3 parts so that it is hopefully easier to read!)
Life is Gooood,
~From Patty~
A Surprise Opportunity Of Having A Conversation With The Dalai Lama A surrogate subject was under and we starting it off briefly with a Samurai who was on a path to approaching a wise old man who was sitting alone and fishing at the edge of the ocean. He needed to have his question answered by this wise old man about preparing for the war. The wise old man said to him that “You are fighting battles that aren’t yours.  Everything could be a battle.  Choose your own battles”. After attaining the learned message, there was a smooth transition to a Roman warrior who was removing his warrior outfit because he didn’t want to fight anymore. Then the image changed to a very powerful religious Chinese man walking across his plaza, going up to an elevated steps to the seat where he was going to sit down. In this brief seconds, as he was turning to face out, he totally changed in to the Dalai Lama. All of these entities happened in a matter of seconds. I decided to be in the flow and started to focus on Dalai Lama with a spontaneous question that turned out to be a phenomenal experience. Dalai Lama answered all my questions with his soft spoken, gentle and kind persona. He was extremely patience with great deal of the intention to teach and share knowledge. As we were carrying on our conversation, I was going through series of having those “truth bumps” and that was a strong validation of who I was spending my after noon with. My heart is pounding with joy as I’m typing this down.
Firstly, I asked what kind of thing he gets to do majority of the time and he replied, “I think all day… about planet, politic, war, way of  life…  Everyone does everything for me. I just sit and think all day…  Educated men who each has specialty come to teach me every day with different knowledge. And people come as audience, ambassadorial people, they ask me questions from my thoughts and they take it back to educate their people.”
The wisdom started from here on: What kind of questions that they asked you?” said Patti “Some one asked, ‘Should they war against a neighboring country?’ NO! Find a peaceful way to co-exist, waring only gets more war. War is a way of increasing the wealth of the manufactures of the weapons and so they want you to have war so they get richer and richer. And they are just about greed. And they don’t care about the common people being destroyed. Then they asked me about the water and how to use the water. I told them how to construct dams, use the water for irrigation to control the flooding, so their people aren’t hurt, the village aren’t destroyed.”….    “Trading. Trading with other countries, people trading, they complain about the corruption, something about (pause) even corruption in the churches. Corruption everywhere… because I tell them people don’t care about each other. They don’t care about the land and that’s why the indigenous cultures are so important to learn from. They don’t try to destroy them. Don’t try to take away their language and their way of being. They may not be as advanced as we are, but they have knowledge that we need. They have a way of coexisting that we need.”
P: These are such beautiful wisdoms you share with us. Can you share with me more? What else do they ask you? What else did you teach them? “There is a plague of locusts and they want to know why the locusts are coming and destroying their crops.” 
P: So why? What did you tell them? “It is a way of stopping the greed. The people that were using the slaves to feed the armies; if they can’t feed the armies, they can’t’ go to war. So even though it looks bad on the surface, look under that to the greater meaning of it.”
P: There is a greater meaning for everything and it takes a wise person to see through that. “You have to be willing to endure the discomfort and you will be okay.”
P: Yes, and what other questions do they ask you that you can help them with? “The question seems silly”
P: What is? “Someone wants to know about homosexuality.”
P: What did you tell them? “That it’s ridiculous to be worried about such matters. All that matters is the love between two people.”
P: That is so true. Did they get it?” “Some do. Some don’t. They too want to go back (pause) and seem important, instead of understanding that they are just to be messengers.”
P: Please share with me other information that you have. This is very educational. Thank you. “The indigenous people know about the parallel universe. They know about instant healing. They know about going to a higher plane. People think they are ignorant because they are not surrounding themselves with material goods. Its the people that have the material goods, they are the ignorant ones. They are missing the messages that the mother earth gives. The ceremonies that the indigenous people have (pause) because that was taught to them by the higher beings. You watch the indigenous persons go about their days. There is an economy of movements in gathering food, in resting, in playing, in relaxing, and just enjoying what is all around them. Their simple, supposedly simple way of life. They are actually very elegant and the balance that they maintain is envious. Modern man is so caught up with time. Indigenous people know that there is no time. Time and money, accumulation of goods, trying to make yourself feel important, because you don’t feel good about yourself. Those are the things that modern man is wasting his time and energy on. They don’t believe in God. They say they do. They even go to church but don’t practice what they talk about during the week.”

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  3. I truly enjoyed this post. Blessings to Dolores for teaching this gift to such willing beautiful souls and for all of you for bringing it to us for the advancement of our civilization. P.S. Love your blog Suzanne

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