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P: What do you mean? “There may be an even higher planet, a higher ascension, but I don’t know… that just came into my head.” P: We just keep moving up and up. Yes! Better and better. Yes! Purer and purer. “Yes, purer and purer, more love and more love and purer and purer.” P: Out of my curiosity, can I ask about being a Dalai Lama, already highly evolved and suppose… Read More

P: Being the buddhist monk, the highest, the most prestigious as Dalai Lama, what is your take, description, explanation on the word “GOD”? “God is the purest. If you think in term of a light , it is the brightest light you’ve ever seen. It is the purest light you’ve ever seen. It is all the encompassing light you’ve ever seen. It is the most protecting light you’ve ever seen. The most… Read More

Hello Everyone! Another friend and fellow practitioner has allowed me to share her amazing QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) session with you! I adore this session! This session was performed a little differently than most. The subject that was being hypnotized was acting as a surrogate for another client who could not be there. NOW, to bend your mind a little bit more, as the session progressed and the practitioner, Patti Intoranat,… Read More