The Dalai Lama Pops in for a Chat ~ A QHHT Session given by Patti Intoranat ~ Part 3/3

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P: What do you mean? “There may be an even higher planet, a higher ascension, but I don’t know… that just came into my head.”

P: We just keep moving up and up. Yes! Better and better. Yes! Purer and purer. “Yes, purer and purer, more love and more love and purer and purer.”

P: Out of my curiosity, can I ask about being a Dalai Lama, already highly evolved and suppose to ascend totally. As an act of love, is willing to come back and reincarnate into another body as another Dalai Lama, as the Tibetan people believe? “No, when I pass on,… I am just a prophet, just as Jesus, Gandhi, Dalai Lama, whatever (pause) whatever a culture wants to have, as their highest ruler,… as their religious figures. When I choose to come back,… I may just come back as a regular man or a regular woman. As for the Tibetan people believing that I will come back as a younger person, as a Dalai Lama, it won’t be me. But there will be,… just as there was a (pause) Jesus, there was a Gandhi, just as there is a Dalai Lama. There will be an energy that is sent back into whatever culture, to teach those people about my message.”

P: Now I understand. Thank you so much. Anything else you would like to share through me to us? …. (long pause)… “On this planet, and this is saddens me,… there will never be peace. But on the ascended planet,… there will never be war. And I look forward to ascending to the next planet,… but understand that I’m here as a teacher also. So I,… even though, all of the negative stuff, the stuff without light upsets me,… sometimes it upsets me. I know it is here for a purpose,… not to get emotionally connected to it. Everything is here for a purpose. So, ah, I forget what I was going to say” P: You were talking about you look forward to ascending. “Yes, at the end of this life, to go to the next planet because there will be no war.”

P: With my understanding, through Dolores Cannon’s messages from the ALL THAT IS, we are currently in two dimensions at the same time. “Yes, there are people that are walking in both worlds… that have a leg in both worlds. They are very spiritual. They are very human. They make mistakes. They may be struggling in their existence in their human world. Like… I’m thinking of a young man right now. He helps people all day long, but because he doesn’t have a formal job; he cooks for them, he shops for them, he does whatever they need to have done. Because they are just paying him, he may just have enough to get by… and may be not even… enough to get by from month to month. So I can say he is an example of someone who is walking in two worlds. He is barely getting by in the human world, but in the spiritual world, he has already ascended to the other planet. But the complete shift has not occurred yet. So, yes, both planets are here. They are on going and some people are walking in both of them.”

P: I can relate to that because inside of him is a fullness of love, peace and joy. “Yes!” So that the most important essence is how he feels. “Absolutely, it is the physical body that just hasn’t come to the end (yet) of its time.”

P: Okay, that makes me think of one thing, please help me understand. I was told once that I have only a little toe left in the physical world and the rest of me is already in the fifth dimension. When you were talking about the man, it made me think about this. Can you explain the meaning of how that works please? Long pause… and he started to pull his arms out (from under the blanket) to demonstrate with his explanation. “The pictures that I’m receiving (pause)… We have 2 worlds… First, we have one world, now we are getting in 2 worlds.” (he locked his 10 fingers together and wiggled them) “See where the fingers over lapping?” Yes. “Here we are into this world.” (he moves his right hands slightly to the side) “These are still in this world” (he moved his left hands slightly to the other side) “The majority of YOU is already in the ascended world. You are on this planet for a certain number of years,… even though spiritually you have ascended,… your physical years are not over. So you are walking in both planets. Does that make sense to you?” Yes. ” Until your physical time is done on this planet, the total ascension will not occur on this one. It can’t! You are still needed. Let’s say you are 50 something… Let’s say you are going to live to be 90 and I’m saying,… this is purely an example of the time. You still have 40 years on the planet of lessons before the physical shell (that you are in) leaves and then all of you will be over. Your spiritualness will be over here. (Showing with his hand) Now,… if you choose to come back and experience another life as a teacher over here or to experience something, then you are going to be existing in the two worlds simultaneously. You will have another physical or reincarnated life when you are experiencing more lessons. Or helping to give more lessons… but the two worlds will be (pause) You are in both of them. You will have your ascended self also. Does that make sense to you?”
P: Yes, thank you very much and I choose not to reincarnate anymore after this.” That’s fine.” Meaning that once I leave this body, I’m going to stay in a higher realm? “And that is absolutely your choice.” But how can I help more people that way, if I’m not coming back down to help people who can use some help? “You can’t!” ( I Cannot?) No! There is nothing wrong with staying in a spiritual realm. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But to come down as a teacher, you have to descend again. You have to (pause) in your term “reincarnat.”

P: So, if some of us who wish not to reincarnate anymore, we can just stay in the new earth or are we going to be in a different place? Can you please help me understand it? “When you said you didn’t want to come back.” Once I leave this physical body. “Yes, and you are not going into the fifth dimension earth. You are going to go up here, (he lifted his hand up in the air) where the Akashic record and everything else are…where it is pure spiritual. Alright, when you are on the fifth dimension planet…, you are going to be in a human form again, but you are a higher spiritual being…and all of those spiritual beings are caring for the earth, the plants,… they understand that they are connected to all,… our cells are connected. There are going to be plants, mountains, water. Nothing else. There are going to be people there… There is going to be livestocks there…. Things are going to be going on,… but it’s not going to be as evil, negative and greed driven as this planet. Even though people are going to be very aware… and everyone is going to be working to keep the water pure,… to keep the plants healthy,… to keep the land from being polluted and poisoned. There is still going to be a civilization going on there. It is just going to be a higher civilization. So it may not be (pause) and you will be there… because you are already three quarters of the way there,… but it is going to be different life than (pause) I don’t know if you can even imagine that life (pause) if you think of a (pause) you know the organization of Greenpeace? Yes. Alright, think about a planet inhabited with nothing but green peace people,… so yes,… there is going to be a little bit of greed. There is going to be a little of self servingness, and when I say a little… compared to (pause) it seems to be overwhelming things here. You are still going to have those elements because it is still going be a teaching planet,… but the lessons are going to be much gentler. Much gentler. Hmmm, the sexual abuse of children is going to be gone. That was just too harmful to the psyche, to the body, to everything. So there are going to still be lessons… of people teaching people… differently and better, but it is never going to be as harsh as this.”

P: I see, hmmm, so right now I feel like most of me is in the “You are already ascended into the fifth dimension.” But the other part of me, I’m still here , so I can spread love and facilitate self healing? “And model what that is…and model the love, facilitate the healing. Remember, people that are coming to you, are ready for that.” Yes. “Or they think they are ready. Or they are trying to please somebody else. “Okay, I will see her” and they may not be ready.” But, I open them up, so when they are ready, they are still going to achieve. “Right!” Thank you. “And they may be coming to teach YOU more about the procedure.” Yah, that is how I feel. Right! Yah, I do get lots of difficult cases, but i like challenge. And I learn so much every time…..

P: I would love to talk with you forever, but I would need to get to the healing for …. very soon. Can we do this again? Can we come back and do this? I can learn more and pay it forward to the rest of the world with your wisdom……. “Alright!”

~From Patti~
Thank you so much. Cathy helped me with the editing which I appreciate greatly. We wondered about the length of this post, but we wished to share his wisdom as it was being given here. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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