Understanding Our Many Soul Aspects ~ A TAUK Message From My Father ~ Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

hearts mergingFebruary 2, 2016


[Hi Dad!!!] Hi Suzy! I love you. [I love you too!] I wanted to give you an update on how I am. I am wonderful. I am learning how to expand my awareness of being many places at once and learning how to acknowledge each of the places. It’s like keeping tabs on many of your soul aspects. It takes some understanding of oneness and individuality. I know that you like to ask about parallel lives in your QHHT sessions and this is similar.

Letting the mind of one of your aspects be aware that there are other aspects of them is a leap in consciousness. You know that you have other aspects and you have recognized a few in your dream state.

What I see in comparison from my vantage point is a living rolodex of all of my aspects. I have two on earth currently. Isn’t that wild? One you know and one you don’t. There are many of my aspects in different vibrations and frequencies. I can step into any, all or none!

I decide what I would like to know about myself and the rolodex opens to the most perfect experience; much like how in your QHHT sessions the High Self picks the most appropriate time and place for your client to view.

Universally we are all One. The One gives us multiple  ways to play, explore and experience our Grand Self. And so, I am currently playing with this process. Your aspect and my aspects are intertwined as are many and All. I Am. You Are. We Love. You are my Zippy.

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4 Comments on “Understanding Our Many Soul Aspects ~ A TAUK Message From My Father ~ Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

  1. That’s really interesting and follows much that has been revealed. I’m happy for you.

  2. Hi Suzanne, thanks for sharing this and one from your QHHT session couple days ago. I am quite fascinated by each channeled information from the other side. May God bless you.

    Mohammed M. Farooq


  3. Oh, dear wonderful Zippy 😍. Thank you so much for sharing your dad and his message❣ I’m balling my eyes out. The love, the resonance. Such a gift! And I felt my own dad as I was reading.

    How cool you know one of your father’s aspects! (Hope it’s somebody you like!) 😁

    It all just keeps getting better and better! So grateful you’re here now! Much love and many blessings❣

    Blessings and peace, Nan (Benning)


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