Perspective from the Other Side on Communication with Us ~ A TAUK Message with Suzanne Spooner and Her Dad

radio from earth

Hi Everyone!

I was just TAUKing through some new workshop ideas for The Universal Mind Project when my dad, Ron popped in for a visit. Amongst other things I asked what he has been up to. He gave the following info and I thought I would share it with you. It’s nice to be reminded this shift is a partnership of multi-dimensional levels. Send love out to your loved ones on the other side and don’t be surprised if you feel, hear, see it coming right back!

Much Love,


Conversation with my dad, Ron.

[What has your experience been like since we last chatted?] It has been lovely! I am giving classes to newly arriving souls in how to assist their soul family members who are currently having a human experience. They are learning how to more easily connect to the physical realm to give messages and assistance while the earth shifts. The souls on this side (spirit side) can more easily pierce the veil to earth now. This is because of the increased frequency the earth and her inhabitants are adjusting to. It’s like you can tune into a radio frequency to easily reach multi-dimensional stations. This is heart-lead work and as the physical family wakes up they will find their radio was always within them!

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