Announcing The Universal Mind Project by Suzanne Spooner


Hi Everyone!! 

For just over a year I have been bringing through a new process to assist humanity to have clear and easy access to their inner knowing or High Self at anytime. It began with a desire for individuals to have the ability to connect and have the experience that all answers lie within, similar but yet different than with TAUK or QHHT. My hope was to bring through a process that allowed individuals, groups, those who meditate and those who have never meditated to have a tool to experience their sovereign right to connection to Source, God the Creator Within.

The journey to creating The Universal Mind Project was at times exciting, mesmerizing, mind blowing and really taught me to trust and allow my own inner guidance. The intro and meditation were channeled through my process of TAUK or The Art of Universal Knowing. My hope is that ANYONE can follow this guided meditation. By using my voice to guide you into a theta (or deeply relaxed) state, it will help raise your frequency and vibration to experience life in a more joyful and purposeful way as we shift on this planet. The guidance to form the UMP came in my own meditations, in QHHT sessions and of course my TAUK sessions. My vision was to have a process that an individual or groups of corporate professionals, college students, friends and workshop participants could use to assist themselves to open their awareness and intuitiveness and work from the heart.

So what is the “project” part of the Universal Mind Project? I think You will be the ones to answer that! I’ll look forward to hearing from you and how you and your friends or groups use the UMP!

Here is one of the most recent TAUK messages I received about The Universal Mind Project:

December 23, 2014

[Hi God and Jesus.] Hi Suzy. We want to tell you how happy we are with the Universal Mind Project. For in the thoughts which make up the words, are the thoughts of God. In the vibration and the frequency are the codes to imagine the All within. In your voice are the codes to awake the masses so that they can open themselves to their sovereign right of who they truly embody. All of humanity is God. All are the answers they seek. Connection to the Divine is natural. In this natural state you will know all truths. Preconceived thoughts of separation from God no longer serve the human condition. Opening the heart and leading with the heart will be how to assist the individual to their full potential.

There will be an app of the UMP for your smart phones in the near future. Please be patient as we roll out this website and meditation. If you have any issues with the download, please contact the webmaster at You can reach me at

I’d like to thank my friend and author Paul Selig for getting me in touch with his awesome web designer, Christian. He has been great to work with. You can reach Christian through the assistance email on the UMP website. I’d also like to thank Cherokee Turner & Chris Schwartz for doing the recording and sound. Cherokee created (and I mean CREATED) the fabulous YouTube clip for the UMP Introduction. If you would like to contact either you can at

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