Shine my beloved friends! – Michael channeled by Ron Head

Shine my beloved friends! – Michael channeled by Ron Head

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Our message today is on the topic of lasting peace.  You have received many messages from many quarters concerning the control exerted over the efforts to begin another global war.  This is all true and will continue to be.

At a point in your near future, you have chosen to have all weapons rendered ineffective.  Understand, dear friends, that this alone will not create lasting peace.  Lasting peace will indeed be created by you, but it will be far more than the cessation of hostilities between nations.  You must and will find that peace inside your hearts.  As the things which have been created to keep you in lower states of consciousness are removed, you will be overjoyed to find that you are truly, in your basic natures, peaceful and loving beings.  You will find that learning about the differences between you will be enjoyable and fun, once the false fears you have been taught are removed.

When you begin to know the feelings of others within yourselves, you will have no desire to harm another being.  And when you begin to feel the oneness of all, then causing harm will not be possible for you any longer.  It will cease to be a part of your life, a distant memory.  And when those things begin to happen to you and for you, you will also begin to understand what true power is all about.  Consider what you know of me, powerful Archangel Michael, warrior, mighty, blue sword and shield.  Do you imagine me as harming any soul?  I assure you that my power, vast and benevolent, is protective and used for the highest and best interest of all.  Such power will you discover in yourselves.  The whole purpose of the controls which were placed upon you has been to prevent you from discovering these things about yourselves.  But unfortunately for the controllers, they had no control over who would be on the planet now.

You are a part of the largest undercover operation in earth’s history.  And you have tipped the balance irrevocably to the light.  Your being here has been enough to create that wonderful change.  We urge you now to continue finding and using the loving power that you have brought with you.  Spread your light to every corner of your world.  Ask for more light, more love, and it will be given before you have finished asking.

We know you feel the moment approaching.  The momentum has been created by and for you.  Yes, we are here to guide and aid you in all ways possible; but, in your words, yours are ‘the boots on the ground’.  Shine, my beloved friends!  You are indeed the ones you have waited for.  Until tomorrow then, I wish you a good day.

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