Speaking with Self ~ My & Ron Head’s New Website


I am so pleased to announce that today launches my and Ron Head’s new website, Speaking with Self

Like TAUK (The Art of Universal Knowing) and QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy), the experience that Ron and I bring you in Speaking with Self shows that all answers, all knowledge and truth is within each and every one of us.

We are simply speaking with self! Our conscious self, our High Self, our oversoul, The collective, Creator and God!

Many of you here have read of my and Ron’s spectacular experience last spring when he had his first QHHT session with me. You can read that here.  I have TAUKed with the Source or God energy many times and that has been beautiful and life changing; but to sit next to and chat with this energy, verbally, just is a whole other experience!

Ron has moved to Iowa so that we could explore that experience more. We initially thought we were to write a book with the volumes of information that was coming through in our sessions. However, it soon became apparent that the information was timely and needed to be put ‘out there’ sooner than a book would allow. We also liked the idea of placing the information in the raw recordings of a session so that the listener can feel perhaps that they are there with us.

After trying several ways to capture the information and have it in a suitable format we finally came to the right recipe! On the morning of a session, I connect in with my TAUK formula and channel the topic of the day and the questions to ask that go along with the topic. I am always surprised at what comes through! Ron and I meet for lunch to catch up but I never tell him what the topic or questions are prior to his session. We meet back at my studio and I assist him to slip deeply into trance with the intention of reaching this God/Creator/Source. The information that comes through is deep, expanded and even humorous at times.

We truly hope that our experience with Speaking with Self assists you to know that all answers are within.

Much Love,



12 Comments on “Speaking with Self ~ My & Ron Head’s New Website

  1. Hurrah! Just when I was looking to going into the studio to do some “work” (aka, playtime), I find your new site. I will now have yet another sidetrack in my day, and I find myself so grateful for this 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your new website! TAUK intrigues me (though I learned to channel another way) It sure has produced some of the most beautiful channeling I have read ever. Thank you for sharing. Great blessings and love, Jennifer

  3. you are a fantastic , but i dont English very well , it is possible , have a link youtube with subtile , as i can understand you … thank , you , like me your work … Marco

  4. Thank you Ron. After hearing the Creator’s message to Suzanne that you were together with Jesus or Sananda in Egypt, I was reminded of the story told by Hafed-The Prince of Persia, that an Egyptian studied together under the high priest Issha. I don’t know if you have a remembrance of that and his name. Mon

  5. Ron Suzanne It was lovely to listen to a very personal and beautiful story of your life with Jesus.. it has been many years now since I have listened to a live recording. it carries a very different frequency to it which I enjoyed being a part of to-day. 10 /15

  6. I cannot begin to tell you how I was affected by this induction. I resonated because I too am here to seal up my lack of trust in all things. Mostly, I have reservations in trusting people. I trust animals, as they cannot lie to me. People on the other hand have taken advantage of the truth to the point any one and everyone I meet I feel they have their own agenda for personal gain and I have a lack of trust with them. I MISS Jesus and the way he had been truthful here on earth, bad temper, but still truthful as well as my old tribe of people, the essenes at the same time Jesus was here. I have battled my continued existence here on earth over and over again trying to find balance while being in this physical body and learning to trust once again. After my time here from that time period , I remember, I actually remember coming back again and again to only see the opposite of truth from all angels. It has been a HUGE struggle for me each and every lifetime since. I am in GREAT hopes that this lifetime I am able to see what truth really is, not the outwardly truth, but that each person carries the truth inside of them, no matter what spills out of their mouths, If I could just wrap my head around that and stay in that knowledge, I would not have to repeat this continued experience here on earth.

    Hearing this induction GAVE ME that hope and I cannot thank you enough for that. I feel like I actually have known you, just minutes at a time, but I have seen you before and I am sure we have met briefly before. ( It feels that you had come to visit the group of people I was with “essenes” with Jesus for a short brief time, and it feels as tho I only saw you once.) I do not know that for a fact, I can just “sense” it. It’s the best way I know how to describe that feeling. Not in a hocus pocus sort of way, rather a deep inward knowing sort of way, which is rather hard to explain. At any rate, if my “sense” is true and real, then wonderful to run into you again via internet, and if not, nice to met you via internet.

    Jesus was a cool person, he honestly really did have a bad temper though. I can actually remember, and don’t ask me how, I don’t know, however, I can remember, Jesus coming to us and looking for balance here on earth without getting mad at everyone because they refused to “hear and understand” what he was trying to share with the people. I remember him showing up a few times with different people with him, always with another person, always a man, not the same man, just a different man. I remember him sitting with the elders of our people on the edge of the ocean by A LOT of salt and rock type hills and mountains, not a lot of vegetation. I remember him being really tired and hungry for earthly balance. I remember him trying to understand how he could be here on earth and talk to people to help them understand what he was trying to say to them about love, and compassion, and using your energy inside of yourself to heal, and see everyone differently. I remember he was VERY skinny ( thin ) and would thirst for water a lot. Did you know he learned to wash other people’s feet in showing love from us, essenes? That came from the teachings he learned from us on earth. It was something we did all the time to one another. Again, I can still remember that lifetime as well a a couple of others that I would rather not wish to remember.

    People want to remember their lifetimes, I can tell you it’s not always the brightest memory you would want to remember, that’s for sure. Some of them I wish I didn’t remember as they were some of the hardest experiences that a spirit can go through inside this human physical body. ugh!!!! Even as a child in this lifetime, I have always been told I am “different”…whatever that means, I guess it means because even as a child I would talk about pasts I remember. People have always blown me off as being weird, crazy, odd, to the point I stopped talking about it as I did not want nor wish to be “different”. Maybe I feel safe telling you about it as I feel you have seen one of my greater lifetimes that I MISS terribly so! I still long for that existence and remember such greatness and goodness within the people I lived with even in hard times in other sects of people in that country. We were wonderfully set in a place that we could hear and know when people, intruders were coming to battle. We used sound vibration to wart them off since their human ears could not stand the signal we sent out to keep them away. Not for any other reason than they wanted to disrupt the our homes and our ways. They were selfish beyond hearing anything about love and togetherness. We had to keep them away so those who did need to come to us could do so. My name was majirei ( not sure of the spelling) ..I even know what I looked like and how old I was when I left this earth in that lifetime.

    I have never gone through an induction to remember all this, I just have always remembered and known it. I can also tell you the closest thing I have found that represents the knowing of using energy together in a single flow, not separated is a movie I found called the Celestine Prophecy. That energy flow being used together is VERY real and VERY true! Sadly though, so many people have tried to obtain that flow doing it by themselves. It was never meant to be used by yourself, it has always been meant to use together so that we could learn to stay as one even in a human physical form as we are in complete spiritual bodies ( energy). I remember the Elder’s writing all this information on a paper that we made, it was made of fibers of plant life and also salt and a mud base from the nearby mountains. It took awhile to make this paper yet it was made to last a very long time. All of our teachings were on this paper to be used for generations to come. We knew we were a small group of people that would not last a long time as a group on this earth. The Elders made sure there was enough wrote down to help other people to come with how to use this energy flow to create wonderful unions in the human body. The women were not considered less than nor greater than the men, we all worked together as one. We did have influence from other groups of people and their religions at that time, however, we always did stand rather firm in our awareness and our ability to keep ourselves as one.

    I am so very sorry this is long, but this is the first time I have been able to share this in so MANY years and I feel such a release being able to share with you something you might remember. I hope I am able to help you remember some of the greatness that you have seen in that lifetime, and I wish for you to know I KNOW how hard it is being through all these lifetimes without that euphoric feeling of togetherness, a love that not even the human mind can ever comprehend, and as myself, keep searching, we will find our way back to what we once knew so long ago as we experience ourselves here on earth. I will continue to seek out people I know who remember this and wish to find each other once again. I miss them, and I long for them and that special love we have always had of spirit ( ourselves).

    I found your website on a whim today..Nothing is ever by coincidence, I am glad I listened to my heart and clicked on it. You have reminded me of a time where truth was the only way we lived in my community of people I use to be with. Thank you for that!! 🙂

    Eternal love to you

  7. The love of oneness… I cannot begin to tell you how much I miss that with other people in and around my life. Thank you for the warm memory of it! I am grateful. Annie

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