Laura’s QHHT Miracle

New Earth Journey

What you are about to read is a very special testimonial about Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) from a very special woman. This is a testimonial from a woman who was talking with her family about entering hospice, but did not. This is a testimonial from a woman who regained her health completely and with it created a wonderful new life.

Laura Casto is a woman who was, not very long ago, given very little hope of survival. She is a woman who, through the amazing process of QHHT, came to understand her soul’s powerful connection to Source/God and how through that connection, was able to completey manifest multiple miracles to deliver her from death’s door to complete and total health.

But let me back up a bit. This is probably a good place to share some basic information about ‘results’ of Quantum Healing Hypnosis that might surprise you. I…

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