Amaze yourselves. We promise it will be fun. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

Amaze yourselves. We promise it will be fun. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

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The time has arrived for you to begin making preparation for your new lives.  They do not exist somewhere else in another time.  They exist within you.  You have created them.

But your manifesting will take giant steps forward when you find the confidence, faith, belief, motivation, etc. to take concrete steps in any form to make them appear on this plane.

Put pennies in a jar.  Put plans on paper.  Begin living differently.  Find something to do each day which is a step, no matter how small, into your new life.  Are you meditating?  See it.  Smell it.  Hear it.  Feel it.  Send it light and love.  The beings who do this now are not the same beings they were even a few months ago.  Your energies have vastly increased, as have your understandings.  Call on the power of the divine within you.  Feel it descend into you and send it out to create your new world.  Call on our assistance.

No longer pray in supplication.  Pray as the master builder you are.  Put this here.  Move that there.  Change whatever you wish.  You are the architect and your imagination is your most powerful tool.  Uncountable hosts are sending support for what you are creating.  Begin, my lovely friends.  Begin.  And know in your deepest hearts that your dreams will be thwarted no longer.  Gather together and feel the energy, the love, the power increase.  Seemingly before you learn how it happened, your dreams will begin to appear all around you.  Where did that money come from?  Where did that help come from?  How ever did that happen?

Amaze yourselves.  We promise it will be fun.  There is a saying in many parts of your world.  “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”  We will tell you a secret.  Your journey is down to the last few miles.  Some of that distance may be up hill, but we are getting the celebration of your victory ready.  Sprint home into our waiting arms now.  We applaud each one of you.  Good day.

One Comment on “Amaze yourselves. We promise it will be fun. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

  1. Beautiful! I’m so excited! I’m anxious but I must stay patient =D. Everything will arrive in Divine order at precisely the perfect time…

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