Here is Part 2 of Javier’s QHHT Session. 🙂


The next portion of the session, I was taken to what appeared to be another life that I had experienced.  The experience started with the smell of fresh-cut hay. I could hear the voice of a young man yelling at me to throw faster. As I became more aware of the situation, I saw a tractor, a rack for hay, two young men throwing bails of hay, and an older man driving the tractor. I glanced over to see a big farm-house across the field. It is indescribable trying to explain what is happening to me as I feel and listen to what is going on. Sometimes, I’m outside looking in. Other times, I feel as if I’m the eyes of this young man, throwing bails of hay to what appears to be my best friend. Every time he yells at me, I see the same smile and face that I feel I have seen before…

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