Are Our Phones Taking Photographs in 5D? By Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

Hi Everyone,

What if our camera phones were way showers into higher dimensions? And what if these anomalistic pictures were helping to expand our minds by giving us images we can’t yet see with our physical eyes alone?

Several friends have recently shared with me their photographs that are very interesting to say the least. I started noticing orbs in my pictures before I understood that phenomena. I thought it was dust in the atmosphere or on the lens. Strangely though the very next picture taken only seconds later didn’t show the mystery dust.

Two summers ago I posted pictures of spinning trees and other anomalies that showed up in pictures of my own and friends on a trip to the South of France. You can see those pictures HERE.

I hope you enjoy the multi dimensional pictures below!


This picture was taken of friend Jovy Wan while she was in Peru…Or was she?

My friend Valerie Camozzi sent this picture. Is this person walking between dimensions?

And what about this little cutie? Photo sent to me by friend, T.

This was a picture taken by my sweet friend and Soul Portrait artist Wendy Smith. Great dinner but I seem to be moving or shifting elsewhere.


Here are a few spinning tree pics from France:



Jovy Wan’s website is HERE. Valerie Camozzi’s website is HERE. Wendy Smith can be found HERE.

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6 Comments on “Are Our Phones Taking Photographs in 5D? By Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

  1. Hi — I have taken pictures like these, and found that they usually result from a panorama shot that is not properly done (going too fast, for example, or not staying steady, with a person way too close). Take your smartphone, and put a person close-up in the shot, shoot a too-fast panorama, and you will get the same effect. If you look on the internet, you can see lots of similar photos in posts like “panorama shots gone wrong.” I’m not sure if the people who took these photos were doing panorama shots, but my guess is that at least some of them are cropped panoramas. I think, in the metaphysical realm, it is important to look at the obvious before we jump to the less than obvious conclusions, as it will add to the credibility of metaphysics overall. I do hypothesize that we oscillate in and out of the vacuum of space, but way too fast to be picked up by a camera!

  2. I’ve recently deleted quite a few of what are seemingly lousy shots by me. I am the worlds worse photographer. Yet some are perculiar , the ones with orbs especially appear normal and I caught them moving. Very interesting theory though that different states can be caught. It’s always possible to assign another cause as it is to claim something esoteric is happening. On some of these the background suggest that something is happening around the subject.

  3. Hi Suzanne,

    Deb from Ft. Madison, IA here. It’s been a while since I had a QHHT session with you 😊

    After reading your article about taking photos in 5d I thought I would share a picture of my grand-daughter that I took a few days ago with my digital camera. In it, she looks partially transparent, and the great thing is there is an orb in the photo too. Anyway, I thought you would enjoy seeing it.

    Be well, Deb

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