Photographic Proof of a Vortex? What Do You Think? ~ A Blog Post by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK


Hi Everyone!

I’m really excited to share some interesting photographs with you. In July I took a return trip to France with an amazing group of people. This group was led by best selling author Kathleen McGowan and Isobel Denham. These very special women were guiding us through an area of Southern France which has a rich historical tradition involving Mary Magdalene and the Cathars.

Myself and others on this trip noticed what we believed to be an interesting anomaly happening. As we would go back and review pictures we had taken, it seemed as though the photos were spinning or altered in color or appearance.

The first time we noticed this happening was at a backyard party in Rennes les Chateau. First, as I began to take some candids of my friends Valerie and Nichole I noticed a bright light surrounding them off and on. I took several sets watching it go back and forth from almost normal to nearly all whited out. I asked Nichole to take a  picture of me and Valerie on my iPhone to see if the white would still show up. Again it went from almost all white to normal.

But then something more unusual happened. Nichole took her phone to take a picture of herself, Valerie and me when her camera seemed to go on autopilot and shot about 250 photos as she held the camera not touching a button or aiming. These pictures were taken almost instantaneously in the matter of only seconds. That of course caught our attention but as we looked at the pictures we started to notice how a strange blue outline would appear in some of the pictures around the tree needles, the color of the sky would shift hues and then the pictures seemed to show spinning.

On another day as we were gathered under a laurel tree at the base of Monségur. Susan Brittain took this photograph where the tree is spinning again. I couldn’t get this picture to enlarge but I think you can see the spin.



Back at our hotel in Alet les Bains there are amazing trees. I had loved this particular beautiful tree on the property and asked my daughter to take a few pictures of me under it. Later as we looked at the pictures, the tree, those in the background, and I seemed to be spinning again.


On the hotel property, next to the River Aude are ancient steps. Although they must have been joined to something at sometime they seem now to rise simply to a beautiful view of the river. I took these pictures of my daughter. As I reviewed them a few days later I noticed first that she seemed to have a milky appearance; almost as if she was a paper doll cutout on a background & the sky lost all color. Then, her features seem to be gone. In one picture there is a yellow-gold line surrounding her, the wall and the landscape.  IMG_8805IMG_8808IMG_8807IMG_8806

I and many friends have been pondering what exactly was happening in these photographs. I’ve tried to take pictures as my hand moves to see if it simply was caused by ‘operator error’. They aren’t the same at all. And I personally know the circumstances to when these pictures were taken and know I or the others were holding the camera steady or in the case of Nichole at Rennes les Chateau that she wasn’t even trying to take pictures. I wondered if perhaps it was because of the sacred places we were in. As I looked through other photos on my camera I noticed that back in June at a QHHT class in Arkansas I took pictures of the class dancing, and there was the spinning again!



QHHT Class June 2016

Is this a vortex? Movement through time & space? Jumping timelines? Altered dimensions? I don’t know but I do think it is very interesting! I wonder if any of you have seen or taken similar photographs? I’d love to see them if so and hear your thoughts. These pictures were taken on an iPhone 6, an iPhone 6s and on a standard camera. You can comment below or email me at Please feel free to share this post in its entirety.

A special thank you to Nichole Burston and Susan Brittain for allowing me to share their photos here.

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6 Comments on “Photographic Proof of a Vortex? What Do You Think? ~ A Blog Post by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

  1. Hi Z2 ..I love these pictures and I agree the spinning is energies !!!yes I have taken some similar ..but you have a gift at capturing these frequencies and I am just reminding you of that .. I love the blue behind the trees ..and the white light that obscures you and your friend ..Callies is fabulous lost in time to me other lives bleeding thru xooxoxoxoxoxkeep clicking !!muah !

  2. These digital cameras do pick up the oddest pictures. Once upon a time it could be attributed to developing but now it’s instant . I’ve found that if an orb gets really close it does distort the picture . Yours are spectacular

  3. I believe that a sacred spot like Rennes Le Chateau can create doorways in the Time~Space Continuum under certain conditions~such as a person with phychic abilities taking photos.

  4. I have had this type of photos too. i thought it was just my messing up until I saw yours. Now it make perfect sense. I’ll have to go back and see if I saved any of those. I know I did one, because it looked like a beautiful painting.
    I Am a light worker and strive to raise my frequency at all times. This happens with things I’m in joy or resonance with. Ester Hicks of “Abraham Ester Hicks Vortex of attraction talks about manifesting Vortices of co-creation/attraction.
    This is used to elevated our concepts from conflict/opposition/lack to contrasts of being and life learnings.
    You might enjoy Ester as Abraham and the messages may solidify something for you regarding Vortices of Energy. They are on YouTube.

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