An Astounding QHHT Story of Illness, Healing and the Mind/Body Connection by Suzanne Spooner

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Hi Everyone,

I want to share a very special story with you to demonstrate how powerful YOU are in healing yourself. If you or a loved one are experiencing physical issues you really must consider what I’m sharing with you here. We talk a lot in the world of QHHT how clients answer their own questions, deeply and profoundly. And even more importantly they receive understanding of how their illness, discomfort or ailment was created many times by their emotions and find out what they have learned from the experience. Once that information is given and understood there is no longer a need for the body to carry the illness or discomfort. It is that simple. 

I want to introduce you to an amazing lady I had the honor of giving a QHHT session to in October of 2015. Her name is Mary and when she arrived to my office she was in month 13 of a 6-12 month expectancy to live. Her health was precarious to say the least. The most troubling of health issues was her ballooning ascending aorta. Her doctors had already operated on her descending aorta but she could not withstand another operation.

Mary knows how to love. She is the poster child for a large, giving and caring heart. But over time she had taken on the pain and lessons of someone she held dear. By doing so she had greatly compounded her own health issues.

That is where we began this session. One of the many profound things her High Council (sometimes called High Self or Subconscious) wanted her to understand was that where it looked like her time was coming to an end in this life; she had not begun what she came here to do! The High Council said she is meant to heal herself and then go before doctors, nurses and the medical community,  hold up her medical records and explain to them that she healed herself!

Listen to Mary describe her own astounding journey on a recent Metaphysical Radio Show with Julia Cannon and myself, HERE.

As an extra understanding on this mind/body connection watch this lovely YouTube clip by QHHT practitioner and nurse Heather Gunn. She gives the perspective of a medical professional and a QHHT practitioner on how our body manifests our thoughts, fear, anger, acceptance and love.

Heather’s website

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