Today Marks the Start of Life in The New Earth Plane ~ A God & Gabriel Message from Suzanne Spooner of TAUK


September 19, 2016

God and Gabriel

[Hi God & Gabriel.] Hi Suzy. We would like to begin with this: Today marks the start of life in The New Earth Plane. You have noticed an increase in the energy around you. This energy has been felt both as destabilizing and as light in the form of letting go; giving you the feeling that you cannot control events that you feel responsible for.

The very heart of your expectations seem to go unnoticed by the force you trust as God. God, in the form of your belief, has your back though. First, you have now reached a point of surrender. That is actually a way of clearing expectations that cannot exist in The New Earth Plane. You have allowed to let go and reset your agenda.

Your children were good to point out yesterday as you watched the news on the NYC bombings how it was just a manipulation of fear being presented to keep people off center and unaware.

Like that example, your detachment to outcomes is important to understand. You are resetting to your new reality field. This opens up new pathways and new thought. Your self perspective is opening to your inner awareness of life in a higher frequency. This allows your feelings to rule where your mind once did. This isn’t imbalance. This is the pendulum finding center in the field of New Earth Reality.

You begin this day with frustration followed by surrender and increasing your imagination so that outcomes never before perceived can manifest. Be gentle with yourself as The New Earth Paradigm settles. You can just Be.

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