Part 2 of Life In The New Earth Plane By Suzanne Spooner of TAUK


September 19 & 20, 2016

[Thank you. That is a bit to take in. Can you please explain how exactly this New Earth Paradigm settles?] A former paradigm is best understood as a past way of thinking.

Once you never contemplated life on other planets. Once you could factor in the possibility of life on other planets your mind opened to new thoughts. Your imagination tried out multiple scenarios and you felt your way through what seemed probable.  You experienced a few ship sightings and you worked from a place of gratitude. This gave you the opportunity to be open to a paradigm shift that is coming. Your heart chose love over fear in that scenario.

You set a paradigm.

In the New Earth Paradigm it is very much the same. A lot is happening behind the scenes energetically, astrologically and theoretically. While each soul on Earth will work through their individual experience, it is much like cresting the first big hill of a super roller coaster.

Some are at the back of the ride, allowing others to go first while they ready them selves to their certain but not completely known future.

Others are in the middle and observing how those in front are reacting and supporting the ones in back by showing the way.

There are those in the very first car experiencing what can feel like a free fall of reality.

A roller coaster engineer has planned out the experience of that first breath taking shift of reality. All who bought a ticket to the ride trust in the plan although some are excited and others feel their stomachs are upside down. The engineers of this New Earth Paradigm have been insightful and have prepared well.

In your past you have had instances that do not fit into the Old Earth reality. In those instances you held space for a new thought all together and that is what caused a ripple in your reality field. The same applies to humanity and the Event. On the scale of millions of new thoughts, brought about by dissatisfaction, curiosity and desire for a higher vibration, a New Earth is created. This, along with your cosmic engineers, has created a new available reality.

You can read Part One “Today Marks the Start of Life in the New Earth Plane” here. 

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