Want To Go Consciousness Surfing With Me in Australia & Taiwan? By Suzanne Spooner

Hi Everyone,

For those in Australia and Taiwan, Julia Cannon and I will be traveling in October and November 2017 to share the amazing world of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. 

If you or a friend have ever wanted learn how to delve into human consciousness, explore the soul’s experience and help others to find their own answers and healing, this is your time!

I can’t emphasize enough how learning QHHT has made my life richer in experience and has connected me to the most awesome clients. It’s an honor to guide people deep into their consciousness to find they hold ALL answers and healing within them. I learn so much by having the front row seat into their journey. I’ll add some of my favorite session stories below:


What do you do to join Julia Cannon, myself along with Jane Ishii and Jovy Wan in these mind and heart expanding classes? First, if you haven’t taken the initial Level 1 QHHT class go HERE to learn more. You can save 10% by using the discount code GRATEFUL (all caps) for the Level 1 class. 

To find the locations and dates of our classes go HERE. Julia, I and Jane Ishii will be in Brisbane. I’ll be next in Perth while Jane teaches in Melbourne. Julia will move on to Sanya City, China. Finally we’ll be in Taipai, Taiwan with Jovy Wan joining us!

For those who would love to experience QHHT for them self you can find the Official list of qualified practitioners HERE. I created this YouTube clip awhile back to give the most effective tips I’ve come up with to help people have the most deep and profound QHHT session they can.

I’m very excited to be back in Australia and Taiwan! I hope to see you there!!

Much Love,


Copyright © 2017 by Suzanne Spooner. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete with the links below.

Suzanne’s QHHT Website: www.SuzanneSpoonerQHHT.com

UMP Meditation Website: www.UniversalMindProject.com

TAUK Website: www.TAUKsite.com

TAUK Blog: www.tauksuzanne.com

If you would like to learn QHHT Level 1 online or live and receive a 10% discount simply enter the discount code GRATEFUL (case sensitive) when you sign up for the class. Learn more here: http://www.qhhtofficial.com/course-information.

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