Creating an Optimal Choice By Suzanne Spooner, Kaya Wittenburg & Julia Cannon

Hi Everyone,

Choice & perspective. So much on how we view our lives comes down to those two words. We all make choices everyday to view events (or thoughts) as positive or negative. The events stay the same either way. It’s our perspective that either gives us a knot in the stomach or a feeling of peace. 

If we can stay in the positive though we keep our vibration and frequency high and stay more open hearted and open minded to more easily make choices as the day goes on. I guess it comes down to mindfulness and balance. It is such a nicer place to be than grouchy and angry. 🙂

Julia Cannon, Kaya Wittenburg and myself made this clip while we were having meetings in Hawaii recently. It speaks to what I write about above. *For those of you that pick up on energy, you’ll see little bursts of light, color and flashing on this clip! Lots of mojo all around! 🙂

Kaya is an amazing friend. He has demonstrated great knowledge, leadership and creativity in his life. He became a QHHT client of mine and then a practitioner. We actually released this clip from his first session with me back in April of 2017. His website is HERE.

Kaya and I will be Julia Cannon’s guests tonight (September 29th, 7pm CST) on her radio show The Metaphysical Hour. We are looking forward to some high vibes, thoughts and laughs tonight on the show. We hope you can join us!

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2 Comments on “Creating an Optimal Choice By Suzanne Spooner, Kaya Wittenburg & Julia Cannon

  1. Perfect timing! Thank you! Coming out of a challenging summer, I’ve been carefully monitoring my thoughts, so that I’m noticing and celebrating love and abundance! My life is turning around beautifully. And I’m so enjoying being happy!

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