Wake Up, Wake Up Sleepyheads!

Hi Everyone,

I know those of you that read my blog are awake. The recent presentation of the Las Vegas shooting though just begs for discernment. I usually don’t post on such things but follow and investigate when things just feel ‘off’. 

I was discussing with someone who understands firearms how in the videos of the Las Vegas incident it sounds as if multiple shooters are firing. I then see this article by The Event Chronicle. Not surprisingly the YouTube clip mentioned has been taken down. But in searching I came across this clip that plays the one taken down.

I blog on this not to promote fear in any way. I want to simply remind people that things are rarely as they appear. We are waking up and not being dictated by fear. If you take this horrible event as it is presented to you and looped about in the media then you pay less attention to other events. It feels like a great game of shells, does it not? Be in fear, buy more guns, protect yourself and your loved ones, it could happen anywhere…All of this takes your energy and power down.

Turn off the news. Help one another. Work from love. Meditate. Be aware and investigate. Keep your mind open. As my friend Malabika Shaw stated eloquently,

“Waste not a single breath of your precious life on focusing, speculating, analyzing, condemning, theorizing, blaming, arguing, proving or disproving anything about Las Vegas. Keep your focus single mindedly and steadfastly instead on how you would like this society to be. Put your life force whole heartedly behind it. Think, imagine, visualize, energize, activate, elevate and magnify the peace and love, and know it has to come to be for all. It is the law. Your guidance for action will come from that inner space. Act then. From the heart. The sooner we turn the focus inwards, the quicker it will manifest.” 


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3 Comments on “Wake Up, Wake Up Sleepyheads!

  1. I so totally agree!! Turn off the TV and mainstream news which focusses on the 1% of dysfunction in our society half of which is false, biased, repackaged and regurgitated over and over in mind numbing detail.

    The truth is that there are wonderful and heartwarming things happening every day all accross the world that are never broadcast. To view the 1% and apply this across the board is to feed the very insanity and drama we have become so addicted to.

    Unplug from the so called news and life becomes much more real again. In a world of 7.5B of us these events are horribly sad but insignificant to the whole of that which is unreported as not news worthy.

    So onward we go with love of joy in the spirit of oneness!!

  2. To manifest anything personal is comparatively easy. It’s a matter of forming the creation in the mind and allowing it to ‘be’ . However in the macro world thoughts are chaotic and conflicting , how does the enlightened one bring forth a creation acceptable to his/her fellows? First the eyes need to be opened and choices given to the masses . At first they swing from fear to blind hope. Neither can bring forth creation. It is the role of those gifted with abilities to discern truth through all the absurdities to shine a light through action ,words and thoughts of intent for the sleeping ones to follow. They navigate humanity through the present madness via their inherent nobility of purpose towards a new age.

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