Reality and Reflection ~ A God & Gabriel Message Channeled by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK


February 4, 2014

God & Gabriel

[Hello God & Gabriel!] Hi Suzy, we want to take this time to talk about reality and reflection. Given how much time is spent on defining reality, we thought it might be helpful to examine the process of reality.

First, imagination is given life. With this magnificent tool of creation all things, thoughts and feelings are realized. This then opens the cosmos up for experience. When you love, you are creating the vibration of God. The vibration of God is the power of life.

To create a reality albeit yours, his or a dimensional reality (3-D, 5-D, etc) one takes experiences and love and sifts them through the collective consciousness. What one is left with then is either the fine filament of light or a heavier mass of release.

Light is energy and mass is combined light. Nothing more or less. You, in this current incarnation you are focused on – in this case Suzanne, sifts through all experiences of the Collective and decides how to interpret the filament or mass. That deduction gives you your reality and how you perceive your reality is reflected in your life experiences and feelings.

Once you create your reality, all is set for fine tuning and adjustment. This is best defined as a liquid reality as all is in a constant state of change. It flows and changes form and shifts your reality never allowing for much stagnation.

You see your reality as a multidimensional reflection of the All. This reflection is the holograph of perception. The holograph of perception is inspired by your heartfelt desire.

As each soul imagines they add to the holograph. And with this, energy changes form to reflect the collective.

So here is what we want to focus on; your reality is but a brief, liquid, flowing perception. How you label your reality is only what you choose to focus on. So if things aren’t what you like, shift the focus. If things are what you like, breath love and light into them and watch them expand! You are the master of your lives. And we say “lives” plural for a reason. “You” are each and every soul, entity and energy that has ever existed and ever will.

Makes complaining about the government, the injustices, the lack of everything a little more personal, does it not? We don’t mean to sound down or judgmental; humanity can do that on it’s own with no help from us.

Truly, we share this formula to remind each of you of your magnificence and greatness. Who do you think created this beautiful blue planet, this Divine galaxy, the universes and dimensions? YOU DID! Be the Creator you are designed to be. Choose to be You!

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